10 Most Profitable Digital Printing Business Ideas
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10 Most Profitable Digital Printing Business Ideas

The printing market is expanding quickly worldwide. The packaging and labelling are the main driving forces. The print media has a strong annual growth rate of four percent. If you are considering starting a print business, we compiled a list of the most profitable digital printing business ideas.

What Is A Printing Business?

Essentially, a printing business is any form of business that engages in commercial printing. To put it another way, it entails using machines to put artworks on paper or other surface. According to a research by MarketsAndMarkets, the digital printing industry is estimated to grow from $24.8 billion in 2021 to $34.3 billion in 2026 at a 6.7% CAGR.

Printing shops are physical locations where people can go to do their printing jobs. Some print shops only focus on particular print media.

For instance, the services of some printing shops may include only printing on posters, papers, or mini business cards. Others print on mugs, t-shirts, and other souvenirs. A growing number of specialized printers also provide 3D printing services in order to produce 3D items.

Why Is Printing Services A Good Business Idea?

No matter how big or small, a printing business will always be in demand. There are currently numerous commercial printing services to meet the needs of their customers.

For instance, printing companies that provide routine services can succeed if they open a shop near a school or office complex. Printing businesses close to offices can benefit from souvenir printing as well, especially if they specialize in printing on products like pens, t-shirts, and notepads.

There is always a printing service for different types of industries. Furthermore, starting a printing business doesn’t require a lot of money investment or years of experience.

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10 Most Profitable Digital Printing Business Ideas
Printing machine

List of 10 Best Digital Printing Business Ideas

It’s important to conduct your own research before starting a printing business. You can find some ideas on how to start a small printing business online. These ideas are often effective and profitable. You can try one of the following digital printing business ideas.

1. Greeting Card Printing

10 Most Profitable Digital Printing Business Ideas
Greeting card

Nowadays, greeting cards made digitally are extremely popular. Starting a business like this is ideal if you are creative and enjoy creating beautiful designs. Both a retail facility and your home are viable options for starting a digital printing business.

2. Mug Printing

10 Most Profitable Digital Printing Business Ideas

Designer mugs are very popular globally. Personalized mugs are also regarded as wonderful gift ideas. These mugs are also available in metal, plastic, and ceramic. However, the industry requires design skills, a creative mind, and some fundamental understanding of digital printing.

3. Personalized Wallpaper Printing

10 Most Profitable Digital Printing Business Ideas

Nowadays, wallpaper could be used in place of wall paint. People also use wallpaper to decorate their homes. Personalized wallpaper is also becoming increasingly popular as interior decoration. You can collaborate with event planners and interior designers to promote your business.

4. Promotional materials Printing

10 Most Profitable Digital Printing Business Ideas

Business promotion is an important element for businesses to get more customers. Hence, they need promotional items. These promotional items include flyers, letterheads, promotional jotters, brochures and many more. There is always a demand for these materials.

The materials must also have high-quality printing and design. However, starting a promotional items printing company involves a modest initial investment in equipment, stock, personnel, and marketing.

5. Shopping Bag Printing

10 Most Profitable Digital Printing Business Ideas
Shopping bags

The majority of businesses that sell products give their clients shopping bags that are imprinted with the business’ name, logo, and address. The industry is worth millions of dollars.

These bags often come in a variety of styles, dimensions, and hues. Furthermore, it is available in a range of materials, including plastic, fabric, jute, etc.

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6. Sign/ Banner Printing

10 Most Profitable Digital Printing Business Ideas

A signboard is necessary for every business location. There are different banners for different situations. In addition, banners make excellent backdrops for both home and formal events.

A high-quality digital printing device and qualified labor are all you need to start your business. However, you need a small amount of funding.

7. Smartphone Cover Printing

10 Most Profitable Digital Printing Business Ideas
Smart phone cover

In this business, your job is to print pictures on your customer’s smartphones as per their specifications. You can start this business online by promoting your services on your social media accounts or by other means.

In addition, you can run the business from a retail space. Startup costs would be significantly greater in this scenario.

8. Sticker Printing

10 Most Profitable Digital Printing Business Ideas

Stickers printing is another lucrative low-cost business idea in the printing sector. Stickers are a highly common promotional item worldwide. The company is extremely profitable.

The sticker printing business does, however, require a little capital investment. Additionally, strong networking skills are a requirement for long-term commercial success.

9. T-shirt Printing

10 Most Profitable Digital Printing Business Ideas

The multi-billion dollar T-shirt printing sector has grown recently, and you can start the company with a small capital investment.

Customers are drawn in by innovative T-shirt designs and catchy phrases. There are numerous ways to print T-shirts, therefore aspiring business owners should first research the market before deciding on a print technique.

10. Business Card or Visiting Card Printing

10 Most Profitable Digital Printing Business Ideas
Business card

Starting a business card or visiting card printing business is ideal if you are new in the printing sector. The good thing about this idea is that you only need a small capital investment to start-up. You can also start this idea from your home using a small eCommerce website. Alternatively, you can run it from a retail space as well.

Additionally, you can start the operation at home with a small eCommerce site. Otherwise, you can operate from a retail location also.

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We hope that the list of the top digital printing business ideas we have provided above will help you make an informed choice when starting your own company.

It is clear that the printing sector will be one of the most lucrative industries in the next years. We hope that this list of printing-related business ideas will motivate you to start your own enterprise.

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