15 Best Paying Jobs In Marine Transportation In 2022
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15 Best Paying Jobs In Marine Transportation In 2022

People and goods have traveled between continents by water throughout history. You can successfully and effectively deliver almost every commodity through water. So what are the best paying jobs in marine transportation?

Eighty to ninety percent of global trade is carried out via marine transportation, which annually moves about 10 billion tonnes of containers, solid, and liquid bulk products across the ocean of the world. According to Statista, about 80 percent of goods are transported by ships

The marine sector includes a wide variety of jobs, including labor on ship decks and ship engines. Even while working on ships is the norm for most maritime jobs, there are many land-based options as well.

The majority of the industry is focused on transporting goods and people across large bodies of water using vessels like ferries, cargo ships, and cruise liners.

What is Marine Transportation?

The term “marine transport” describes a kind of transportation in which we move cargo (or passengers) over water. In some circumstances, marine activities include pre- and post-shipment operations.

Today, marine transport is the main form of transportation used to deliver raw materials such as coal, oil, and cereals over long distances.

Furthermore, marine transportation includes passenger transportation, military and defense, marine resource applications, fishing, and maritime support services like navigation or ship maintenance.

15 Best Paying Jobs In Marine Transportation In 2022

Benefits of Working in the Marine Transportation Industry

There are benefits to working in the water transportation sector. Some of the benefits include:

1. High income

Marine transportation is a lucrative industry. Since money made from maritime is typically tax-free, you can save more and achieve your financial goals faster.

Unnoticed benefits include the fact that most living expenses while at sea, including food and housing, are covered by the shipping company and that you won’t need to go on impulsive, expensive shopping sprees, which will save you a lot of money.

2. long vacations

Unlike other sectors, marine transportation is one of the rare profession that offers employees a lengthy resting period. While it is well known that marine workers must spend some months away from their homes, this is lessened by the opportunity to take four months or more of vacation time each year.

3. Impressive work

Over 90% of global commodities are transported across the sea, making marine transportation one of the most important industries in the world.

Although it may be difficult to understand your impact on world trade, your everyday impact will be clear. Your work helps a ship run smoothly on a daily basis.

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15 Best Paying Jobs In Marine Transportation In 2022

15 Best Paying Jobs In Marine Transportation Industry

The maritime transportation industry includes different types of occupations, from those that involve working on a ship’s deck to those that involve working on ship’s engines. The best paying jobs in marine transportation include:

1. Port engineer

A port engineer is in charge of the technical aspects of infrastructure and operations of a port. They oversee ship repair and maintenance, ensuring that engineering work complies with maritime regulations and safety standards.

As a port engineer, you must stay on the dock throughout projects to direct technical staff. Many port engineers oversee the budget for maintenance and look into ways to cut costs and enhance port operations.

With an estimated average income of $70,500 per year, port engineers are among the best-paying jobs in the marine transportation industry.

2. Naval architect

A naval architect is a person who designs, oversees, and maintains naval machinery, including boats and other watercraft. Using computer software, you create blueprints, design ships, and oversee projects.

As a naval architect, you are responsible for handling the equipment needed by engineering firms or boat builders with the help of your understanding of engineering, physics and materials, and architecture principles.

Naval architects, alongside a group of experts from diverse fields, build and test scale models and prototypes of ships. They focus on the function, shape and the stability of the different parts of a ship. The base pay for naval architects is $67,000.

15 Best Paying Jobs In Marine Transportation In 2022

3. Port captain

A port captain has one of the highest salaries in the marine transportation industry. They can make up to $112,250 a year. The job of a port captain is to monitor the ships in the harbor and make sure they are prepared to leave.

As a port captain, it is your duty to make sure that the crew meet all maritime safety standards, that the crew is adequately staffed and qualified, in addition to the ship having all the necessary equipment for travel.

4. Marine surveyor

Marine surveyors are important to maritime transportation. They examine every aspect of a ship to make sure it is seaworthy and compliant with regulations.

Additionally, they check how ships load and unload goods. Other duties of a maritime surveyor include writing inspection reports and communicating results to vessel owners and managers. Salary estimates for marine surveyors range from $42,000 to $85,000 on average.

5. Ship Superintendent

Ship superintendent is one of the best paying jobs in the maritime transportation industry. A ship superintendent is responsible for overseeing and supervising a repair project in a dockyard or shipyard.

You have important responsibilities, including determining the budget for the project, the kind of repairs needed, and ensuring steady progress.

Ship superintendents must stay in contact with the repair company in order to ensure that repairs are made promptly and completely. They also assess the conditions of the ship and give a seaworthiness report. Ship superintendents make an average income of $67,750.

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6. Ship captain

Ship captains are one of the most important jobs in maritime transportation. They are among the highest-paying jobs in the maritime industry. A ship captain is in charge of the safe operation and navigation of a sea vessel, such as a tugboat, cruise liner, ferry, or barge.

You must ensure that the ship is seaworthy before setting sail and adhere to all safety regulations for your visitors. Other responsibilities of a ship captain include establishing the route of a ship, giving your crew instructions, and controlling the loading and unloading of cargo and passengers.

You keep detailed records of each trip, including the weather conditions, the speed of the boat and course. They make an estimated $67,000 a year on average.

15 Best Paying Jobs In Marine Transportation In 2022

7. Ship Fitter

The crew that builds ships includes ship fitters. As a ship fitter, your duties include cutting and attaching massive metal sheets that make up the surface of a ship. You need to be skilled at welding and riveting to complete this activity. Working in a workshop, you cut and weld metal sheets according to design specifications.

8. Able Seaman

Able seamen are one of the best-paying jobs in maritime transportation. As the helmsman, the jobs of an able seaman include maneuvering the boat to use emergency equipment, maintenance and sanitation, enforcing security measures, running deck machinery, monitoring impediments, etc.

Able seamen work on the deck of a ship, offering assistance to crew members as needed and pausing their work if they observe dangerous conditions or actions. They make an estimated $53,000 per year.

9. Shipmate

The duties of a shipmate include working as a crew member on a cargo ship, transport ship, container ship, or other large watercraft.

Your prior experience and the requirements of the ships you work on will dictate the duties of a shipmate. They might be in control of the onboard systems while you assist with navigating or steering the boat.

10. Vessel operator

Unquestionably one of the highest paying positions in marine transportation, vessel operators earn an estimated average pay of $53,000. Vessel operators have the opportunity to work with a variety of maritime vessels.

A vessel operator is in charge of handling a variety of tasks related to running the ship, including itinerary planning, payroll administration, and paperwork management. Other duties include meetings with stevedores, agents, contractors, and crew members to discuss ways to increase productivity; scheduling any necessary repairs or maintenance.

11. Marine Service manager

Managers of marine services can make up to $62,500 annually. The main responsibilities of a marine service manager include offering boat repair services, inspecting vessels, recommending necessary repairs and safety upgrades to the ship owners or operators while working with craftsmen to make these changes a reality.

To operate in this industry, you will need to be acquainted with the standards and laws governing commercial fishing or shipping.

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15 Best Paying Jobs In Marine Transportation In 2022
Container ship

12. Ship security officers

Also known as SSOs, ship security officers are an essential part of the marine transportation industry.

The main duties of ship security officer include implementing and maintaining security plans while working closely with the company security officer, as well as the port facility security officer.

Ship security is a concern shared by all maritime transportation companies with ships that sail in international waters. The maximum salary for a ship security guard is $36,062.

13. Marine mechanic

A marine mechanic, also known as a boat mechanic, maintains and repairs boats and other watercraft. The average salary for marine mechanics is $52,000 per year. They are responsible for repairing small engines, fixing electrical and mechanical systems onboard boats, as well as identifying, troubleshooting, and solving boat issues.

14. Marine underwriter

A Marine Underwriter is an insurance expert who specializes in insuring ships, boats, and other marine vessels. They earn an average salary of $57,076 per year. They help business owners to choose the best marine insurance policy.

Before selecting the types of insurance coverage, they consider some factors like the cost of the boat, the value of the cargo, and the laws and regulations of the countries where the ship will be travelling.

15. Deckhand

A career as a deckhand can be ideal for you if you enjoy working with your hands. Deckhands perform manual labor and ensure the safety of the ship as a whole. A deckhand needs to be physically strong because they will be working constantly, including lifting items for the visitors, cleaning, etc.


A satisfying career in marine transport can provide many prospects for growth and improvement. The best paying jobs in marine transportation range from deckhands to engine mechanics to port engineer, etc. I hope this post was able to answer your query.

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