15 Highest Paying Jobs Without A Degree Or Experience
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15 Highest Paying Jobs Without A Degree Or Experience

For the most part, getting a well-paying job requires a university degree or job experience in most cases. However, a lot of companies don’t need that you have a degree or prior professional experience in their area before hiring you. So what are the highest paying jobs without a degree or experience?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are jobs with average salary of $55,000 that you can get with high school diplomas or an associate’s degree.

Knowing the highest-paying jobs without a degree or experience can help you better understand your employment alternatives and make wise choices. In this post, we go through the best paying jobs that don’t require degrees or prior experience, as well as their annual wages and main responsibilities.

Highest Paying Jobs Without Degree or Experience

15 Highest Paying Jobs Without A Degree Or Experience

There are many jobs that don’t require a degree or experience, yet pay well and have fair working conditions. They include:

1. Miners

Average salary of a miner: $188,000 per year

The duties of miners are extracting minerals like rocks, ore, and coal from underground using explosives to break large rocks into smaller bits for easy transportation. They also create supporting routes to facilitate their entry and exit from the mines.

They also make sure that their coworkers and the area they work in are safe. A bachelor’s degree is not necessary to work as a miner.

2. Theatre practitioners

Average salary of a theatre practitioner: $190,000 per year

Theatre practitioners practice their songs, dances, and lines to deliver a powerful stage performance.

They prepare for their roles by doing character research, attending rehearsals and costume fittings, following the instructions of the director, and collaborating with other actors to deliver a stronger performance. You don’t need a degree to become a theatre practitioner. Your passion, interest and zeal to learn are enough.

3. Landscape technician

Average salary of a landscape technician: $188,000 per year

Landscape technicians are responsible for taking care of lawns through mowing, fertilizer application, sprinkler installation, disease detection, and treatment. In addition, they plant trees and bushes, lay out garden spaces and pathways.

Some of the skills they need to work include how to use mechanical equipment such as lawnmowers, weed trimmers, knapsack, etc. They must also have the ability to pay attention to details.

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4. Claims adjusters

Average salary of claims adjuster: $51,987 per year

An insurance claim adjuster carefully examines the liability of claims for property damage or bodily injury. They process and prepare claims reports and negotiate payment with petitioner, in addition to gathering information from different sources to assess insurance claim, based on the degree of damage done to the person or their property.

While performing this duty, claims adjusters interview claimants and witnesses. They also communicate with policyholders and engineers. Following the evaluation procedure, they decide if the alleged damage is covered by the insurance plans. If it is, they determine the required payment.

5. Translators

Average salary of a translator: $204,000 per year

It is the responsibility of translators to translate audio and text recordings into different languages.

Sometimes, they translate texts into several languages while taking care to preserve the tone and content that the original text communicates. Additionally, translators examine the original text, do background research on industry jargon, and edit translations for accuracy in spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Although it’s not necessary to have a degree for this job, it can be beneficial to have one in the language you’ll be translating into.

15 Highest Paying Jobs Without A Degree Or Experience

6. Mobile developers

Average salary of a mobile developer: $80,778 per year

From design through release and support, mobile developers assist with every phase of an application’s life-cycle. They collect specific needs, offer solutions, and develop interfaces. They also produce fully functional mobile applications.

In order to enhance user experience, developers also spot application issues, troubleshoot them, and debug them. They also communicate with product developers since they are both involved in the design and development of new application features. You don’t need a degree for this job.

7. Maintenance manager

Average salary of a maintenance manager: $76,025 per year

A maintenance manager develops maintenance strategies, puts them into practice, inspects facilities, spots problems, and fixes them. They are in charge of organizing, ensuring that the electrical and hydraulic systems of a building are working perfectly and managing all construction-related repairs and installations.

Furthermore, they also monitor partnerships with contractors and service providers, as well as equipment catalog, costs, and maintenance budgets. This position does not require a degree.

8. Receptionists

Average salary of a receptionist: $146,000 per year

When visitors arrive at an office, receptionists welcome them and point them in the right direction. They make sure the reception is tidy and appealing and has all the supplies and stationery needed. The receptionist offers correct information about a company through one-on-one conversations and phone calls.

Among the technical skills required for a receptionist are using office equipment such as photocopiers and computer, verbal and communication skills, multitasking, time management and customer service. Although having experience may be helpful, this role does not require a degree.

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9. Warehouse worker

Average salary of a warehouse worker: $150,000 per year

Warehouse workers prepare customers orders for pickup or delivery. This includes loading, wrapping, packing, labelling, and shipping. They are also in charge of processing and receiving products for the warehouse, inventory controls and audits. The requirements to work in a warehouse include valid forklift licenses, knowledge of and experience with warehousing procedures, and organizational skills.

15 Highest Paying Jobs Without A Degree Or Experience

10. Train conductor

Average salary of a conductor: $85,393 per year

Train conductors separate or join trains and give locomotive engineers instructions on when to depart from a station, stop, or even slow down. Additionally, they are in charge of ticket sales and making sure that everyone has a valid ticket before boarding the train.

Since they deal with passengers on a daily basis, they need to be skilled communicators and decision-makers. No degree is necessary for this position.

11. Executive chef

Average salary of an executive chef: $63,788 per year

Executive chefs are responsible for planning and preparing food. Additionally, they attempt to improve or entirely revamp menus to guarantee impeccable quality. They also supervise staff activities, purchasing kitchen equipment.

Finally, they address complaints or issues relating to meal services while providing their bosses with estimations of food expenses and requirements. You don’t need a degree for this position.

15 Highest Paying Jobs Without A Degree Or Experience

12. Accounting clerk

Average salary of an accounting clerk: $180,000 per year

Accounting clerks are in charge of providing clerical and accounting support to the accounting department of an organization, such as preparing ledgers and financial statements, and depositing cash into the bank. They often perform this duty by preparing and maintaining accounting records and documents.

Accounting clerks need some skills to do their job. Such as bookkeeping skills, database management, accounting software, etc.

13. Dental assistants

Average salary of a dental assistant: $200,000 per year

Dental assistants receive patients at the clinic and arrange dental equipment when the need arises. Also, they carry out administrative tasks like managing and arranging appointments, keeping medical records, and creating patient case files.

Furthermore, dental assistants make sure that all equipment is kept in good condition by sterilizing and cleaning it both before and after each usage. The majority of dental clinics don’t ask for candidates to have any prior work experience.

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14. Nuclear power reactor operator

Average salary of a nuclear power reactor operator: $88,253 per year

The duty of a nuclear power reactor is to operate the control rods of a nuclear reactor. Doing this, they control the number of electricity a nuclear reactor produces. Additionally, they monitor cooling systems, reactors, turbines, and generators while making essential adjustments to their performance.

In cases of abnormalities, nuclear reactor operators respond rapidly by determining the cause of the abnormalities and take necessary action. You don’t really need any experience to do this job, just few training.

15 Highest Paying Jobs Without A Degree Or Experience

15. Firefighter

Average salary of a fire-fighting supervisor: $77,800 per year

The last on our list of the highest paying jobs with a degree or experience is Fire fighting. It takes a lot of work to become a firefighter. It calls for a lot of effort, extensive training sessions, commitment, and a genuine desire to help people.

The responsibilities of a firefighter include responding to emergency calls, laying and connecting hose, holding nozzles and directing water stream, raising and climbing ladders, using extinguishers, and using other apparatus and equipment. You don’t need a degree to work as a firefighter


You can still earn big even if you don’t have a bachelor’s degree. A university degree is not always necessary for high-paying jobs; many employers prefer candidates with relevant skills, experience, and expertise.

Our article about the Highest paying jobs without a degree or experience contains jobs you can get without a degree and have a good earning potential. Salaries may differ based on the company, the location, the experience of the candidate, and educational background.

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