21 Easy Business Ideas For Students In Canada

Want to start a successful business out of a passion or earn a little more money? With these small business ideas for students, you could test your inventiveness, tenacity, and entrepreneurial spirit while at university.

According to a Santander research, one in ten university students presently manage their own business in addition to their studies, and nearly one fifth intend to do the same after they graduate.

It is obvious that side businesses are becoming more popular among university students, but how can you get involved in this burgeoning trend?

Before we dive into the fun part and examine some of the best small business ideas for students in Canada, we want to provide you with some helpful advice to help you get started.

How To Start A Small Business As A Student

Irrespective of the country you are currently in, these tips on how to start a side hustle as a student will go a long way in helping you find your path.

1. Write a business plan

Consider the consumer issue that your business can resolve. Even if you’re just getting started, your business plan will grow over time. It helps you in making the most of your innovative ideas by looking into opportunities, spotting any potential obstacles, and organizing your marketing.

2. Protect your business with insurance

Insurance covers you from common risks like accidents, property damage, and legal costs. If someone gets sick or hurt as a result of your business, for instance, public liability insurance will protect you. Learn more about the various business insurance options and the reasons you might need them.

3. Create your budget

Budgeting means telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.

Creating a budget for both your business and personal student expenses is a good idea. By maintaining a budget for your business, you can keep tabs on your income and expenditures and plan for future expansion. When you first start your side business, it’s a good idea to set aside any profits and put them into a fund for business investments or to pay for courses that will advance your career.

4. Secure funding

Even if the setup costs for the ideas we’ve provided below are rather cheap, you could still need to pay for some early materials or technology costs, so you’ll need to figure out how to pay for this. Consider crowdfunding, seeking small business loans or checking the government’s finances and assistance to see if you qualify for any grants.

You can as well speak with the career center at your university; they will be able to provide you with a wealth of resources to assist you in starting your business.

21 Easy Business Ideas For Students In Canada

Small Business Ideas For Students In Canada

Searching for ideas? Here are 21 side-business ideas you can start while you are still in school in Canada. This article also covers the best small business ideas for international students in Canada. If you want to pursue it full-time after graduation, it’s important to consider your skills and values.

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1. Blogging

Blogging is one of the best business ideas for students. You can start a blog in an interesting niche, write content that will help people solve their problems and make money from it.

The best thing about blogging is that you don’t need a physical office to get started and it won’t take much of your time. Starting a blog will cost you less than $100. Some of the ways you can make money from your blog include selling ebooks, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, advertising, etc.

2. Selling on eBay

Selling products and services online is the latest trend. But you have to consider what product would yield the highest profit margin. You can look for the most popular products and collaborate with wholesalers around you to purchase it in bulk. Start by selling to your fellow students in school before expanding.

3. Design craft products

Artisanal and handcrafted products are always in demand. If you are creative and looking for business ideas to start at your university, why not try a craft business? Some ideas under craft include jewelry making, candle making, making framed art prints, etc.

The first step is choosing the product(s) you’ll create. The good thing about this is idea that you can do it from the comfort of your home and sell it online or you can get a stall at a local market. Keep an eye out for activities at your university that cater to crafters, especially those that take place over the festive season.

4. Tutoring

According to Student.com, 20% of students earn money through tutoring. Why not, then? If you are further along in your academic career, you can help first-year students in your specialty field with their coursework or even school-age children with their GCSE math and English language. The best part of tutoring is that it is cheap to set up. You only need your knowledge and good materials for the subject and can offer this service online.

5. Social media influencer

Many college students are earning cash by promoting products on their social media pages in exchange for money, all without leaving their bedrooms. As an influencer, brands might be interested in collaborating with you if you have a large, active and engaging audience.

You don’t necessarily need to have thousands of followers, just find your niche and publish some content a few times each week.

6. Start a YouTube channel

YouTubers are making a lot of money through their YouTube channel and you can become one of them. To get started, buy a camera for making videos, sound equipment and a beautiful background. Some of the popular YouTube trends include makeup tutorials, fashion vlogging, and travel vlogs. Making videos of the difficulties, pleasures, and experiences of being a student in Canada is a great idea.

Though it can take some time and effort to make money on YouTube, if your viewership increases, you may be able to do it through channel membership fees or advertising revenue.

7. Dog walking

21 Easy Business Ideas For Students In Canada
Dog walk

If you love animals, you might use the time in between lectures to provide dog walking services for dog owners who don’t have enough time to look after their dogs. This is another business idea for local and international students in Canada.

8. Freelancing

Freelancing is a fantastic way to supplement your income, but with some persistence and networking, you might make it your main source of income. For example, copywriting is a popular freelancing skill, since lots of companies are trying to make more sales, and also need assistance with writing blog posts and news articles.

Other freelancing opportunities available for students include photography, graphic design, etc. Whatever skill you have, you can also create a niche for yourself and get clients through freelancing.

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9. Food and drink business

If you love to cook, why not start food and drinks business to serve the public your delicious meals? Other options include starting a bakery in your home and selling your products at market booths on campus. Alternatively, you could consider providing food delivery to customers in their homes and offices, teaching cooking classes, or even starting a food truck business.

10. App Development

While it looks like there is an app for almost everything, there is still room to develop millions of apps for amusement or to address common issues. Although this business idea is ideal for tech-savvy students, anyone with a brilliant idea and the necessary production assistance can develop a successful app.

If you don’t have an app idea yet, you have nothing to worry about. Start your idea-generation process by looking around your environment to see if there are unsolved problems you can solve or things you can make easier through an app.

11. Digital Textbook

Digital textbooks, also known as educational ebooks, offer a much-needed substitute for traditional textbooks in terms of cost and sustainability. With the introduction of e-readers, the demand for digital textbooks is on the rise.

Whether you want to produce a digital textbook or launch a website that will host popular digital textbooks, this business idea can help you make money while offering services to students.

12. Graphic Design

Many businesses need graphic designers to design their visual branding such as signage and marketing materials. Graphic design is a broad industry, hence you need to be equipped with multifaceted skills. For instance, having a strong grasp of typography, web design, and logo design can help you land more clients and expand your portfolio.

13. Dropshipping

Dropshipping can be the ideal option if you enjoy the concept of starting an online store but lack the space to store the products you’ll be selling. Dropship businesses simply take online orders from customers and send them to a third-party shop for fulfillment rather than filling them themselves. You are going to make lots of money by selling products you don’t own.

14. Affiliate Marketing

Although it’s a common side hustle, affiliate marketing has the potential to grow into a full-fledged business if done properly. You can make money by generating sales for brands you work with through affiliate marketing.

What makes this business idea good for students in Canada is that it is relatively cheap to establish and will not take much from your study schedule. Ensure that you pick products you’re already familiar with and can get sold without stress.

15. Web Design

Web design is all about the user experience of web pages. A web design business idea is best for students in the design field or those who are passionate about web designing. You can partner with someone who is a web developer to get more clients.

16. Cleaning Services

21 Easy Business Ideas For Students In Canada
Cleaning services

Starting a cleaning service business is one of the best startup ideas for students. There are many ways you can start a successful cleaning services startup. For instance, you could start an office-cleaning business, a house-cleaning business, a graffiti-cleaning business, etc.

Cleaning service business requires low capital to set-up and you will have flexible working hours. One advantage of this idea is that you can accept jobs from clients based on your availability. In the process of starting your business, you will incur some overhead expenses such as marketing materials, vehicle expenses and cleaning supplies.

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17. Errand-Running Service

Typically, seniors, small businesses, and busy professionals need assistance with errands that they are unable to do on their own. This includes picking up laundry, going to the post office, food delivery, going to a vet appointment, etc.

To start an errand-running service business, you need a car, an internet-enabled phone and, of course, spare time, especially after school hours and during weekends. You can run your business from home and advertise your services through flyers, posters, bulletins, word of mouth, business cards and social media.

18. SEO Services

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the tools for digital marketing. Companies pay millions of dollars to SEO experts to manage their websites. However, you must invest time and energy in content creation and keep up with the latest search trends if you want to provide good SEO services.

As an SEO services startup, your main job is to make your customer’s website stay at the top of the search when people are searching for services they offer. To get started, you need to learn the basics of SEO, then you can advance your skills. You can learn it on YouTube for free or pay for some digital marketing courses online. Google offers tutorials on SEO with their fundamentals of digital marketing course on Google Digital Garage.

19. Teaching foreign languages

This business idea is great for international students in Canada. Learning a second language is challenging, especially for adults, as anyone who has done so may attest. However, you can make a lot of money if you can speak a particular language in a country where that language is not popular. For instance, you can teach people how to speak English in a country where English is not their main language.

Furthermore, you can develop an app or create a website or ebooks that can help people learn a new language.

20. Podcasting

It’s the perfect time to launch your own podcast as their popularity keeps rising. The most popular podcasts have interesting hosts and a focused subject that may draw viewers. Before starting a podcast, you should be good at conducting interviews and speaking in front of an audience.

Additionally, you should pick a subject that interests you and on which you can spend a significant amount of time doing study.

21. Event and party planning

Life in university is filled with parties and night outs. The event planning business is ideal if you are creative and good at organizing events. Your job as an event planner is to organize a venue, make food, drinks, decoration and music available. This is a good way to develop your skills while you are still in school.

You can start with small events such as organising student nights and other on-campus events, then you move on to organizing big events outside campus.

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