8 Best Valentine's day idea for ecommerce
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8 Best Valentine’s Day Ideas for eCommerce

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s time for eCommerce business owners to start getting prepared for the best valentine’s day ideas for eCommerce. The pre-holiday season is an excellent opportunity to increase your profits. Especially since we’re still living in pandemic times, and people are much more likely to order online than to go to brick and mortar stores.

You can check out the 2021 Valentine’s Day shopping stats below.

8 Best Valentine's Day Ideas for eCommerce
Screenshot taken on the National Retail Federation website

To ensure that you get the most out of the sale period, you need to prepare the online retail site for the celebration. And preparation includes not only some basic concepts, such as optimizing eCommerce on-site search, speeding up your platform’s performance, and reviewing your SEO strategies, but much more.

In the following article, we will share practical tips that will help you get the most out of Valentine’s Day.

1. Create a Special Look for Your Website

The visitor decides whether to stay on the site or not literally in a few seconds. So how do you convince customers that you have what they need? Creating a unique Valentine’s Day look for your eCommerce site is a great way to encourage visitors to make more purchases.

Developing a holiday design, you should pay attention to the following elements:

  • home page decoration;
  • pop-up windows and banners;
  • visible call to action buttons;
  • thematic selection of products.

The home page should immediately capture the hearts of your customers. Be sure to carefully think through the text of the home page and banners, discount announcements, and so on. Right at first glance, everything should indicate that the person can easily choose gifts for their loved ones.

For example, let’s look at The Tiffany & Co. website. They designed their site for Valentine’s Day in their corporate style, but with a festive theme. The top of the page has a banner with a visible call to action, which leads to a page of matching gifts.

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8 Best Valentine's Day Ideas for eCommerce
Screenshot taken on the official The Tiffany & Co. website

2. Designing a Festive Menu Bar

To make it easy for your customers to find and choose what they want, you should update the site’s menu to make it convenient for them. Clear menu navigation is one of the factors for successful sales.

Let’s take a look at how Goldbelly updated the site’s header. The main menu has a Valentine’s Day section, which, when clicked on, opens a submenu with categories. A vibrant holiday-themed banner is also at the top of the home page.

8 Best Valentine's Day Ideas for eCommerce
Screenshot taken on the official Goldbelly website

3. Provide Upselling & Cross-selling Products

The upsell and cross-sell techniques allow online store owners to get the most out of each order. So for Valentine’s Day, you can offer to buy a postcard, an additional item, flowers, or something else along with the chosen products.

A great idea would also be to provide your customers with different ideas of related products that might be useful for the occasion. The techniques described above will help increase the average check. Customers, in their turn, can save time and effort in choosing gifts.

For example, the Look Fantastic store in addition to the selection of gifts for her and for him also offer related product categories such as Cosmetics, Fragrance, and others.

8 Best Valentine's Day Ideas for eCommerce
Screenshot taken on the official Look Fantastic website

4. Create a Valentine’s Gift Guide

Probably each of us has faced the problem of choosing a Valentine’s Day gift at least once in our lives. As the owner of an online retail business, your mission is to provide customers with a helpful selection of your company’s gifts.

Helping visitors with Valentine’s Day gift guides makes choosing easier for them and thus increases the probability of purchasing something from you. The simplest way to help visitors choose presents is to implement special filters on the site for items that could be gifts for Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget to provide the function to sort goods by cost and other parameters.

This idea was realized on the Ashley Furniture brand website. At the top of the screenshot is the banner placed on the site’s homepage. The call to action button on it leads to a page with a selection of themed gifts. The user can apply various filters to get the items that best fit their needs in the list.

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8 Best Valentine's Day Ideas for eCommerce
Screenshot taken on the official Ashley Furniture website

5. Provide Themed E-Gift Cards

Many people worry that the gift they choose will not please the recipient or suit them. Take care of these customers and allow them to buy a gift card for their loved ones. This is an excellent option for those who do not know what they would like to get for their significant other but know their preferences for brands. Such a gift option will demonstrate that you care about the clients.

You can get inspiration on implementing this idea on the M·A·C brand’s website. They placed a banner offering to order a branded e-gift card for loved ones. The banner follows the theme of Valentine’s Day, and the call to action button leads to the page of the gift card purchase section.

Screenshot taken on the official M·A·C website

6. Make Themed Products

How else can you increase the sales in the lead-up to Valentine’s Day? Develop a themed product line specifically for a holiday. This will make it easier for the customers to choose gifts, which means you can expect increased purchases.

A great example of offering Valentine’s Day-themed goods would be the Victoria’s Secret website. They offer several specially designed lingerie collections for the occasion.

8 Best Valentine's Day Ideas for eCommerce
Screenshot taken on the official Victoria’s Secret website

7. Offer a Gift Wrapping

An important aspect of preparing for Valentine’s Day is gift wrapping. A lot of people think that their gift-wrapping skills are not good enough to please their significant other. For eCommerce business owners, though, offering holiday gift wrapping services will provide a range of benefits:

  • an additional advantage over competitors;
  • demonstrating that you care about the customers;
  • improving your brand image.

For example, the brand Man Crates offers an excellent Valentine’s Day gift option for gentlemen. The set of items to satisfy any man’s tastes is packed in a box in the shape of a heart. Additionally, the gift is packed for free in a branded cardboard box. Thus, the gift-givers do not have to worry about where and how to pack the purchased present.

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8 Best Valentine's Day Ideas for eCommerce
Screenshot taken on the official Man Crates website

8. Publish Valentine’s Day Social Media Content

As you prepare the online store for the celebration, don’t forget to enhance your social networks. It’s a great idea to feature themed posts and stories and run ads promoting products that might be of interest to your audience as Valentine’s Day gifts for the beloved ones.

This will help you expand the reach of potential customers, which will lead to increased sales and, consequently, profits.

For example, we can look at The M Jewelers brand’s ads on Instagram. They advertise a selection of heart-shaped products, offering a great idea for Valentine’s Day gifts. The ad is laconic but stylish: products’ images on a burgundy background and with the caption “Shop Hearts”. The link in the ad leads directly to the store’s website.

8 Best Valentine's Day Ideas for eCommerce
Screenshot taken on the official The M Jewelers website

Wrapping Up

Do not miss such an opportunity to increase your profits before Valentine’s Day. So, put enough effort and time into preparing your eCommerce website properly for the upcoming celebration.

Use the ideas in this article to ensure that you have a competitive advantage in the marketplace and get your own piece of the pie.

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8 Best Valentine's Day Ideas for eCommerce

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