Call Centre Outsourcing Services
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Call Centre Outsourcing Services For Businesses

Smart businesses continuously look for ways to reduce costs. Budgeting is important because it allows companies to focus more on the elements of their firm that they wish to improve, such as employee appreciation or modern technology.

Call centre outsourcing services is one method many firms contemplate decreasing costs. Some industry leaders are adamant about this decision, claiming that it reduces expenses that can be reduced. Others, on the other hand, disagree with this decision and believe that the extra expenditures of retaining call centers close to home are justified.

If your company is thinking about making the switch, keep reading to learn more about outsourcing customer support and the benefits and drawbacks of using an external call center.

Outsourcing Customer Service

Companies can refocus their time and resources on other elements of the business, such as product development, content production, and sales, by outsourcing customer service. Companies can contract an external service to monitor a certain company function, such as existing or small business customers, rather than adding extra workers to their customer care department.

These outsourced services can also completely take over a company’s call center. This indicates that the company is outsourcing all of the call center’s operations rather than just one or two.

Call Centre Outsourcing Services

When a company employs an external customer service organization to staff and run their call center from a different location, this is known as call center outsourcing. In this case, the customer service organization hires and trains personnel to handle all client communication for the company.

Businesses analyze the pros and cons of call centre outsourcing when deciding whether or not to proceed with the choice. Here are a handful we’ve gathered for you to think about as you make your pick.

Pros And Cons Of Outsourcing A Call Center

The advantages and disadvantages of call centre outsourcing services for small businesses will be explained below.

Pros Of Outsourcing A Call Centre

  1. It Is Less Expensive: One of the main benefits of outsourcing customer support is that call centre costs are drastically reduced. The cost of living in some foreign countries, such as India, which is a popular outsourcing destination, is significantly lower than in the United States. Workers in these countries are paid less, saving your organization money.
  2. Your Business Can Save Time: It may take longer than expected to interview, hire, and train call center staff. You must ensure that these individuals are capable of handling interpersonal communication, learning about the firm and products, and resolving client issues. By handling staffing, an outsourced call centre can relieve some of the burden on your firm. You’ll be able to devote your time on other important activities around the business.
  3. It Can Assist With International Expansion: Outsourced call centres are beneficial if your firm is already worldwide or seeking international expansion. It’s especially advantageous if such call centers are located in countries where you hope to do business in the future. That way, a local call center with staff who speak the same language and share the same culture will already be in place.
  4. There Is A Greater Degree Of Flexibility: Employees from an outsourced call centre work for your firm on an as-needed basis rather than as full-time employees. When a company’s needs change, it may swiftly and efficiently assign outsourced call centers to suit those needs, knowing that there will be no upcharges or overtime. Instead, these workers will be paid for the time they spend on the phone.
  5. You Can Offer Customer Service 24 Hours A Day, Seven Days A Week: Consumers have come to demand round-the-clock customer support. Paying local labor to work nighttime shifts, on the other hand, is prohibitively expensive. You can simply cover 24 hours of the day with an outsourced call center by having overseas workers work during the day. Due to time zone variations, you will be able to provide 24/7 coverage without having to assign someone extra shifts.
  6. Overflow Calls Can Be Transferred Easily: There are times of the year when call volume is higher than usual, such as around the holidays. It can be challenging to handle a sudden increase in customer support calls at these periods. You can effortlessly shift calls to the call center without breaking a sweat if you have an outsourced call centre whose job it is to handle overflow.
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Cons Of Outsourcing A Call Centre

  1. There Will Almost Certainly Be Barriers to Communication: When outsourcing a call centre, you should be prepared if the call center is located in a country where the first language is not the same as yours. On the phone, linguistic hurdles, such as differing accents or a lack of comprehension of local lingo, can stymie call progress and negatively effect the customer experience.
  2. Employees Who Are Outsourced Have A Lower Level Of Product Knowledge: Since these workers are contractors, they will have a limited understanding of your company and its products. Despite the fact that they will be trained before starting work, they may only know the fundamentals and may be unable to handle more technical or difficult calls.
  3. Collaboration Among Employees Will Reduce: Teams in your firm are likely to collaborate closely, especially if they’re housed in the same building. Employees in an outsourced call center, on the other hand, may not always work in the same facility and do not have the same relationships. As a result, team collaboration may suffer, potentially halting the transmission of information throughout your customer support department.
  4. There’s Less Concentration On Customer Satisfaction: Since outsourced call centres aren’t connected to the company, they don’t necessarily have the same commitment to excellent customer service. This isn’t to say that these employees don’t care about pleasing customers; it’s just that internal staff are more likely to seek to cultivate and strengthen customer relationships in order to create loyal, lifetime customers.
  5. You Have No Influence Over Who Is Hired: When a business hands over power to an off-shore call center, it gives the call center the authority to hire anybody it wants. These personnel are not subjected to the company’s approval process. As a result, your company may discover that some of the individuals engaged at these call centers are unsuitable for the job, but you have no say in the matter.
  6. This Removes Local Jobs: Finally, with an unemployment rate of around 4%, local workers may be concerned about a lack of job opportunities. Some businesses are removing local job possibilities and giving them to off-shore workers through outsourcing call centers. While this isn’t inherently a good or bad idea, it may create some concerns among customers who appreciate domestic labor.
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Now that you have read about the pros and cons of outsourced call centers services, you may be thinking, “If outsourced call centers save money, how much do you actually save?” According to studies, outsourcing your call center to an external source might save you a lot of money.

Call Center Outsourcing Costs

The majority of external call center agents are only paid for the time they spend working, and on average, they work for 85 percent of each hour. In other words, if an in-house agent costs $25 per hour, an outsourced agent would cost around $21.25 per hour. This would save a company 15% on employee salaries.

You can look at five of the top call center outsourcing companies that may meet your company’s needs now that you have a better understanding of the costs and benefits of an outsourced call center.

Top Call Center Outsourcing Companies

  • TeleDirect
  • Call Connect India
  • 1-888-GO-ANSWER
  • Global Response
  • Five Star Call Centers

1. TeleDirect

TeleDirect is a top call center outsourcing company since it provides both inbound and outbound services, including reservation services, tier 1 tech support, and lead qualification, as well as market research, telesales and upsells, and scheduled callbacks.

In addition, the company provides live chat and email management services. To fulfill the demands of the majority of your consumers, TeleDirect offers bilingual services in English and Spanish.

2. Call Connect India

Call Connect India is headquartered in India, but it also maintains a Florida office. It offers both voice and non-voice services to satisfy the demands of customers on any platform they prefer.

In addition, Call Connect India provides a voice broadcasting service that sends messages to multiple customers at the same time. This improves efficiency and allows agents to devote their attention on more important activities like email management

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3. 1-888-GO-ANSWER

1-888-GO-ANSWER is a call center that specializes in both inbound and outbound calls. It’s best renowned for its excellent inbound services, which include live chat, phone, email, and text help.

While 1-888-GO-ANSWER has excellent planning to accommodate all call volumes. You can also request a custom plan that is tailored to your company’s specific requirements. It even has an app called AlwaysOn that gives you real-time data and insights.

4. Global Response

Global Response takes pride in being a customer experience center rather than a call center. It provides a variety of services, including interactive voice response, email and chat assistance, order fulfillment and warehousing, and even social media monitoring, in addition to excellent call center services.

Global Response also provides a variety of technologies, including real-time data reporting and unique technology integration with your company. As a consequence, you’ll have a powerful call center service that works with your staff to prioritize your company’s and customers’ needs and wishes.

5. Five Star Call Centers

Five Star Call Centers provides both inbound and outbound services, but its outbound services are particularly outstanding. Upselling and cross-selling are among them, as are market research and surveys, hiring, cold calling, fundraising, crisis management, payment reminders, and direct mail follow-ups.

Five Star Call Centers can even assist you in creating, organizing, and executing personalized client campaigns. It will tailor your call center package to your company’s specific needs, ensuring that you don’t waste money or time on unnecessary services.

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