DiversyFund Review 2022: Is Diversyfund Trustworthy?
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DiversyFund Review 2022: Is Diversyfund Trustworthy?

DiversyFund is a legitimate real estate-based investment fund that allows investors to diversify their portfolio. Contrary to popular opinion, real estate investment does not require tens of thousands of dollars or the acquisition of a physical property. The real estate market functions similarly to the stock market, except that instead of businesses, you invest in real estate. DiversyFund offers real estate investment trusts (REITs) as a form of investing.

This is a comprehensive Diversyfund review if you are interested in real estate crowdfunding Investment. Before we get started with DiversyFund review and answer the question “is DiversyFund trustworthy?”, let’s see the pros and cons.

Pros And Cons Of Diversyfund


  • With as little as $500, you can invest in real estate.
  • There are no broker or management fees to pay.
  • DiversyFund provides you with a knowledge base to help you make informed decisions.


  • You run the risk of losing your initial investment.
  • It’s possible that the yield will be lower than if you put your money in the stock market.
  • It could take up to five years to see a return on your investment.

What Is DiversyFund?

Traditionally, real estate investments have been limited to those with a considerable sum of money. Even if you have the capital, you may not have the time to flip, build, or manage properties.

Investors or potential investors with small funds who want to invest in real estate are not left out. This is where the concept of real estate crowdfunding comes into play.

DiversyFund, a real estate crowdfunding platform, brings together a group of investors to invest in a single property. Your money will go toward a multi-unit apartment building with at least 100 apartments in the United States. For each complex, the DiversyFund team determines an expected rate of return of 10-20%. Over the duration of a five-year profit cycle, you can expect to see a return on your investment.

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How Do DiversyFund Investments Work?

Businesses that employ the REIT model for investments, such as DiversyFund, must adhere to the (Internal Revenue Service) IRS’s rigorous standards. DiversyFund is required to distribute 90% of its taxable income to investors each year. DiversyFund follows a five-step strategy for all of its properties in order to obtain these profits:

1. Raising Capital

DiversyFund collects the funds required for a specific property. DiversyFund may pool smaller investments into a property of its choosing. You may be able to choose the property for your investment if you invest more.

2. Property Acquisition

The DiversyFund team looks for properties that have the potential to make money. Investment properties must meet a set of criteria that show that they have the potential to appreciate in value.

3. Renovating the Property

DiversyFund pays for improvements to the property such as upgrades and repairs. The idea is to provide enough value to raise the cost of each unit’s rent.

4. Increase in Value

It may take some time for the overall property value to rise when the remodeling is completed. DiversyFund investors receive monthly dividends. However, until the end of the five-year investment period, the money is automatically reinvested back into the property.

5. Turning a Profit

The property is sold and the earnings are distributed to the original investors through DiversyFund. You may then either withdraw your funds or let your investment stay with DiversyFund to be used for another property.

Best for Seasoned Investors

Real estate investment via a REIT may not be your thing if:

  • You’ve never invested before.
  • You want to make money quickly.
  • You can’t make a long-term commitment.
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As an investor, you are aware that you are putting your money at risk. REITs, according to experts, are less stable than typical stock market investments. While REITs are a wonderful method to diversify your investment portfolio, you shouldn’t put all of your money in real estate because the market is prone to volatility, and diversifying your portfolio is the only way to protect yourself from that volatility.

DiversyFund Features

When you are ready to invest your funds, the DiversyFund website will lead you through a questionnaire that will help you choose the best real estate investment options for your situation.

1. Investing Goals

The site begins by inquiring about your motivation for investing. The following are some of the responses:

  • Desire to invest in real estate
  • Wanting to diversify your portfolio
  • Saving for retirement
  • Not sure

After you’ve made your decision, you’ll need to create an account by entering your email address and providing a password.

2. Learning Center

DiversyFund has a blog subdomain that covers everything from investing basics for beginners to sophisticated issues for seasoned investors.

3. Transparency

It’s critical to invest in a REIT that has been registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States, or SEC. However, since DiversyFund is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, you can see its yearly audits and all of DiversyFund’s SEC filings at any point in time.

Is DiversyFund Trustworthy?

Obviously, Diversyfund is trustworthy and could be a good fit for you if you’re looking for a passive investment option. However, because your investment return is linked to the overall performance of the real estate market, you must be willing to accept some risk.

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