How To Get Installment Loans With Bad Credit
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How To Get Installment Loans With Bad Credit

When people find themselves in financial trouble, they may find it difficult to get loan approval from a traditional lender such as a credit union or another banking institution and loan company. In this situation, customers can go for installment loans with bad credit. Just like any other loan, you will need to bring some of your documents when applying, but it is possible to get installment loans with bad credit score.

How do installment loans with bad credit work?

Installment loans are specifically created for those with bad credit. When you need it, all you need to do is simply fill out an online application or visit the physical office of the loan company, and the lender evaluates your details before approving or rejecting your request. If you are approved, you will be given an amount that you can borrow.

To be eligible for an installment loan, you must be at least 25 years old, earn a minimum income amount which will be determined by the lender, give evidence of identity, and banking institution information, to name a few easy requirements.

Some lenders need a shorter repayment time, while others may give you a 12-month repayment period or longer, depending on the lender’s loan repayment terms. These lending products also accrue interest on a daily basis.

For short-term lenders, your loan payback plan is established at the moment the loan application is approved, and the first draft is finished on your paycheck. Some installment loans can assist you in improving your credit.

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What qualifies you for a loan if not credit score?

When credit score is not used as a criterion to get an installment loan, your income is the most important factor that will determine if you are qualified or not. As a part of the loan application process, your work history is assessed. Your payslips are used to calculate the amount you should feel comfortable repaying.

This application process takes into account your bank account, evidence of identity, and proof of residency. Since lenders want to reduce risk when lending to people with bad credit, it will be very difficult to qualify for a loan that surpasses your current salary.

How long does it take to qualify for installation loans with bad credit?

It is easy to get an installment loan with bad credit. After your application is processed, you should receive a response within a few days. If the application was filed online, many applicants can submit their loan approval requirements in a matter of minutes.

The first step in getting a loan is to fill out an online application. Funds will be sent straight to your bank account immediately the loan has been approved. However, some successful applicants will get their money in one or two days.


There is no minimum credit score requirement for an installment loan for bad credit score. To qualify for a loan, you only need to supply simple documents, evidence of salary, and bank account details. Your lender could be a short-term lending company, expecting prompt repayment of the loan. Some lenders may allow the loan repayment over several months.

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