Is Google Digital Marketing Certification Worth It?
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Is Google Digital Marketing Certification Worth It?

The Google Digital Marketing Certification is well worth the investment. If you want to go into digital marketing, this is a wonderful course to take. It’s freely provided by Google and accredited by the Open University and other institutions.

We understand that looking for and researching the best online course to invest in may be time-consuming and psychologically draining. In the digital era, there are simply too many available options. These online courses, on the other hand, are the most effective way to expand your knowledge and skills in digital marketing.

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the Google digital Garage Fundamentals of digital marketing course, what it comprises, how much time and money it takes to complete it, how it’s delivered, its features, benefits and how to get the Google Digital Marketing Certification for your resume.

What is Google Digital Marketing Certification?

Google Digital Marketing Certification is a certificate awarded by Google after successfully completing the requirements of the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Course online. The certificate is widely acceptable and accredited by Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe and The Open University.

It’s a basic but comprehensive course for those who want to learn the fundamentals of digital marketing or brush up on their existing knowledge and skills.

The Google Digital Garage library provides access to Google digital marketing course. With 26 modules of 40 hours of study time, this is the only digital marketing course in the Google Digital Garage library that offers a certificate.

What Is Google Digital Garage?

Is Google Digital Marketing Certification Worth It?

Google Digital Garage is a Google-owned learning platform. It’s a collection of free online courses provided by Google’s expert trainers as well as other learning platforms. It strives to provide business professionals with a straightforward and flexible way to master the real-world skills they need to succeed in the marketing aspect of their business. You can also check out for other courses available on the library.

Is Google Digital Marketing Course Free?

Yes! The Google Digital Marketing Course is completely free and also easy to register. Assuming this course was not created by Google, the creator might charge as high as $200 for the course. This shows how useful and educative it is. People often don’t see the value of free courses, but as a certified online marketer, I can confidently tell you that this course is worth the time and data.

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How to apply for Google digital Garage fundamentals of digital marketing

To register, you have the option to login with your Google account or registering with a different email address when you click the Register button.

As soon as you create your account, you can keep track of your progress, download your certificate (after completing the course and passing an exam) and gain free access to all the online courses and one-on-one workshops available on the platform.

These courses will be extremely beneficial to your business or career. You can begin by picking individual modules or jumping right in and complete a course from beginning to end. Go to the Google Digital Garage website to apply for a course.

Is It A Good Course To Follow?

This course is designed specially for you if you want to learn the basics of digital marketing, so you can get started on your own. This Google digital marketing course will get you started in the right way, even if your only goal is to learn about how to market your business.

Is Google Digital Marketing Certification Worth It?

Why should I learn digital marketing on the Google Digital Garage?

The following are some practical reasons you should register for the course:

  • It is easy to use

The registration process is very easy, the course is also broken down into bite-sized chunks for easy digestion. Each of the course’s seven sections has up to seven modules, each of which includes both videos and check-in questions to verify that you recall the content. You can learn at your own pace, whenever you are available. There is a quick quiz after you have completed the modules in each section.

Another useful feature is the ability to change the YouTube playback speed. If you are a frequent note-taker, you can take it at a slower pace to give yourself more time. You can speed through the course if you want to go through it quickly or review it for the second time. It’s a minor convenience, but it can be really useful at times!

  • It teaches the fundamentals of online marketing
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The world is online, it is hard to believe that many local businesses are still not taking advantage of it. This course is for people who want to establish a new online business or learn how to become a professional digital marketer.

This course will teach you how to create an online marketing strategy for your business, increase a website’s search engine ranking via Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and analyze online performance using analytics tools. It’s a basic step, but one that must be taken.

  • It shows that you are willing to invest in your career growth

Why should you take a course that leads to certification? It not only demonstrates to potential employers that you have the skills they need, but it also demonstrates that you are responsible, committed, and aware that professional development is critical to your success. It’ll get you a long way!

  • It’s a reputable and credible source

When it comes to internet marketing, Google knows what they’re talking about. It can be difficult to find the proper course to take online because there are so many digital marketing certificate courses, both free and paid, available on the internet. When it comes to learning the fundamentals of digital marketing, going with Google Digital Garage fundamentals of digital marketing is a safe bet.

It will not only provide you with peace of mind in knowing that you are studying accurate and up-to-date knowledge, but it will also add credibility to your resume when you list this certificate.

Is Google Digital Marketing Certification Worth It?

What You Will Learn On This Course?

This course is substantial and full of great basic knowledge, despite the fact that it is free. There are around 40 hours of videos, check-in questions, and exams throughout the 26 modules. The modules are divided into 7 main sections:

  1. Take a Business Online
  2. Make It Easy for People to Find a Business on the Web
  3. Reach More People Locally, on Social Media, or on Mobile
  4. Reach More People With Advertising
  5. Track and Measure Web Traffic
  6. Sell Products of Services Online
  7. Take a Business Global

There are modules in each of these sections that include videos, quick check-in questions, action items, and a quiz at the end of the lesson. The videos are excellent, but if you prefer reading, you can expand the text and read your way through the course by clicking on the “view transcription” button. This is also a fantastic way to get your notes.

These 7 sections include detailed lessons on:

  1. Building your web presence
  2. Planning your online business strategy
  3. Getting found on Google search
  4. Deep-diving into social media
  5. Discovering the possibilities with mobile
  6. The ins and outs of online advertising
  7. Finding success with analytics
  8. Building your online shop
  9. Expanding internationally
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Even though this is a foundational course with basic titles for the seven main sections, the content within the sections is jam-packed with practical information to help you launch your business or advance your career as a digital marketing consultant.

How do I get Google Digital Marketing Certified?

You will receive your Google digital Garage Fundamentals of digital marketing certificate after finishing all 26 modules and passing the digital marketing final test, which you may publish on LinkedIn or on your CV.

After passing the final test, all you have to do is download the PDF from the course page to get your certificate. The Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe and The Open University have both accredited this certification. It’s well-known all around the world, so it’s a good idea to include it on your resume.


We have come to a conclusion that choosing and completing the Google digital marketing certification course isn’t a waste of time. It’s a quick, easy, flexible, and efficient approach to learn more about internet marketing.

If you need a digital marketing certification for their resume or LinkedIn profile, this course offers a globally recognized certificate after you successfully complete a 40 question exam. With so many digital marketing courses to choose from, we think that the Google digital marketing certification course is well worth your time.

Take the time to look around Google Digital Garage and see what it has to offer. You’ll be able to improve your skills or brush up on your knowledge using its library of online courses, certificates, live training, and other tools and services.

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