The 25 Best Digital Marketing Certifications For 2022

Business professionals can use online training resources to keep up with the latest trends in digital media advertising, optimization, and analytics. Digital marketing certifications are a good way to stay on top of industry trends while also adding value to current and potential employers.

Just like online universities, many social networking platforms provide their own certifications. We’ve compiled a list of the best digital marketing certifications online for business professionals, ranging from beginner to advanced.

What Is A Digital Marketing Certification?

A digital marketing certification is a program that equips marketing and content professionals with the information and skills they need to follow industry best practices.

In new and rapidly changing sectors like digital marketing, certifications are a viable alternative to a traditional, lengthy academic program. While finding a school that offers a degree in digital marketing may be difficult, there are a variety of organizations that offer certificates in the field.

Why Get A Digital Marketing Certification?

Getting a certificate in digital marketing helps you stand out in your business by demonstrating that you have a broad knowledge base and a desire to enhance your skills. Companies seek out industry experts that have engaged in further training in order to stay current on industry best practices.

Many courses also include vetted expertise from The Online Marketing Certified Professional group. This professional association establishes an independent standard for certifying courses and making training recommendations.

The 25 Best Digital Marketing Certifications For 2022

25 Best Digital Marketing Certifications

For all levels of learners, here is a list of the best digital marketing certifications for resume:

1. American Marketing Association (AMA) Digital Marketing Certification

In collaboration with the Digital Marketing Institute, the National Association of Marketing Professionals offers a dual certification program. PCM Digital Marketing and Certified Digital Marketing Professional certificates are awarded to program graduates.

Some of the courses offered on the AMA platform include Search Engine Optimization, Google Analytics and digital marketing strategy. The course content is delivered online over the course of 30 hours of learning at your own pace, with a final test that you can schedule when you’re ready.

2. Google AdWords

If you are experienced in Google AdWords, this free course qualifies you for one year as a Google AdWords expert when you complete two examinations in AdWords Fundamentals and your choice of Mobile Advertising, Search Advertising, Shopping Advertising, Display Advertising, and Video Advertising.

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3. Google Analytics IQ

Google Analytics is a tool which marketers can use to analyze website traffic for proper optimization. Take and pass the Google analytics exam online to become certified. Before taking the exam, Google recommended that you have prior AdWords experience. For this free certification, Google can help you find study materials if you want to get this free certification.

4. Google Digital Garage: Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Google Digital Garage‘s fundamentals of digital marketing is an initiative of Google Digital Skills For Africa and it covers 26 different topics on digital media that you can study to learn fundamental concepts or review key principles from analytics to advertising. This digital marketing course on Google is accredited by The Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe.

The 25 Best Digital Marketing Certifications For 2022
Google fundamentals of digital marketing certificate

5. Hootsuite Social Media Marketing

The Hootsuite platform includes 15 modules with tests that will help you prepare for a 60-question online exam covering social media marketing fundamentals. After passing, you’ll receive a certificate that never expires as well as a badge that you can proudly show off to demonstrate your social media expertise.

6. HubSpot Content Marketing

HubSpot offers 14 courses with a duration of eight hours for their certificate in media strategies. The purpose of this certificate is to teach marketing professionals how to put a content marketing strategy into action.

7. HubSpot Inbound Marketing

This five-hour, eleven-lesson certification focuses on using digital marketing to attract clients and generate leads. This course, often known as “pull marketing,” teaches you how to convert leads, create content, and promote it on social media.

8. Digital Marketing Institute Certified Digital Marketing Professional

The Institute provides courses in digital and social marketing, search and mobile marketing to help you prepare for a career in digital marketing. This platform helped shape the digital marketing certification standard.

9. eCornell Digital Marketing Certification

Through its eLearning portal, this popular business school provides an online certification. The courses begin with a review of the fundamentals of digital media before moving on to hands-on exercises to help you design your digital marketing strategy that can be used in your business when the need arises.

10. Content Marketing Institute Online Certification

This certification is offered by CMI University, the well-known online platform for everything content marketing. Seven expert-led sessions cover subjects such as channels, conversion, and audience, preparing you for a certification exam that will never expire.

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11. Duke University Continuing Studies Digital Media & Marketing Program

This self-paced, 12-month course featuring information from prominent digital marketing pros will help you improve your understanding of digital marketing. This course will help you become a certified digital marketer.

12. University of Vermont Advanced Social Media Marketing

This course is highly rated as one of the best digital marketing certification programs. This course, taught by industry experts, helps both advanced and beginners to improve their digital marketing skills by creating campaigns.

13. Facebook Blueprint Certification

Earning the title of certified Facebook professional demonstrates that you have a thorough understanding of their platform and that you are proficient with their services and products. This qualification can demonstrate to employers that you know how to run digital ad campaigns.

The 25 Best Digital Marketing Certifications For 2022
Social media channels

14. Stanford University Machine Learning Certification

This course is available on the Coursera platform and taught by a former Google Brain executive. Students will explore the fundamentals of artificial intelligence in digital marketing throughout this 11-week course. It covers a variety of best practices for Search Engine Optimization and data intelligence.

15. Copyblogger Certified Content Marketer

The Copyblogger certification was designed for content strategists and creators who want to increase their skills. You must pass a final evaluation by a Copyblogger editor to acquire this advanced certificate. If you pass, you’ll be listed as a Certified Content Marketer in their database.

16. Twitter Flight School Certification

Twitter’s Flight School Certification comprises five short video courses that take roughly an hour to finish, mirroring the platform’s brevity. The courses demonstrate how business professionals may use social media to reach a larger audience. You can also take a 10-minute course created specifically for executive leadership.

17. Quintly Social Media Analytics Course

The quintly social media analytics course focuses on social media analytics, teaching users how to monitor performance goals across many social media platforms.

18. Bing Ads Certification

Bing, another prominent search engine, provides training to assist advertisers in getting the most out of their platform. Training materials help you with studying for a test which you must score at least 80% or higher to pass.

19. Market Motive Digital Marketing Certification

This Digital Marketing Certified Associate course is taught by Silicon Valley professionals. The course is certified to help you get the designation of Online Certified Marketing Professional. It consists of eight basic modules of relevant coursework that are updated on a regular basis to match industry standards.

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20. YouTube Certification

YouTube certification can help you in developing your video content strategy. Their course will show you how to start, grow, optimize, and monetize a YouTube channel. Once you have earned a YouTube certification, it is valid for a year and a half.

The 25 Best Digital Marketing Certifications For 2022

21. GetResponse Digital Marketing Certification

This certification teaches marketers how to use tools like marketing automation and landing pages to increase their online reach. They offer four programs leading to certifications in email and content marketing, landing page conversion optimization, and marketing automation.

22. Full Sail University Digital Marketing Graduate Certificate

Full Sail University offers some online courses which are designed for new and emerging media professionals. Their graduate certificate in digital marketing is a four-month course that covers the fundamentals of digital marketing strategies, new media, marketing analysis, and digital analytics.

23. Northwestern Digital Marketing Strategies

Northwestern’s Digital Marketing Strategies is a two-month advanced program that focuses on brand storytelling and data mining for practical analytics.

24. DePaul University: Digital Marketing Strategy Certificate Program

This one-month course at DePaul University’s downtown campus provides a broad understanding of digital marketing principles for beginners.

25. BrainStation Digital Marketing Certificate

This tech-forward platform provides both online and on-campus programs in locations throughout the United States and Canada. The curriculum includes a final project in which students design a digital marketing campaign, with a concentration on social media marketing.


This is the list of the top digital marketing certifications online programs. But Which certification is best for digital marketing? It depends on what you need and the areas you need to improve your skills.

A certificate in digital marketing is not the same as a degree in digital marketing. You can earn a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in digital marketing by enrolling in a traditional university program, usually four years.

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