Top eCommerce Trends to check Out For in 2022
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Top eCommerce Trends to check Out For in 2022

In such a contemporary epoch, everyone wants to save time and effort by purchasing online through an eCommerce application. As a result, Magento eCommerce development services providers develop various eCommerce applications to facilitate users.

Due to the increasing demands of eCommerce application trends, eCommerce web applications keep on changing as per the passing year. Users expect more advanced facilities and features as per the technology.

The blog below will show the various latest trends in eCommerce web application development that can be added to your eCommerce application and enhance your business.

Top latest trends for eCommerce web apps

Here are the trends you can go through and estimate the cost of eCommerce website development for your online business.

  • Vertically aligned menus

We have been using horizontal menus by default on the website for the past year. Earlier, the eCommerce web application was meant to be used on desktops, laptops, and other large screens, but nowadays, users prefer mobile devices to use eCommerce web applications.

As developers have started developing web applications responsive for every device and screen size, it becomes essential to add a vertical menu instead of a horizontal menu, as it can be displayed readily on narrow screens.

  • Unconventional layouts

A layout is the most important thing for a website as it will display the information attractively and uniquely. One can also use Magento eCommerce development services to develop an eCommerce app. Magento platform provides various free or paid templates and themes that developers can use while developing eCommerce applications to give a functional layout to the website.

  • Blurring boundaries
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Due to the severe pandemic, people were forced to stay at home. As a result, many of us depend on online stores to purchase essential products and perform various online transactions.

To save time and effort for users, the latest eCommerce trends will allow the customers to check for products in stock in the nearest store, set appointments, and enable them to pay online.

  • Voice user interface

The latest eCommerce web app development trends have implemented AI in its application to shop quickly and conveniently using a voice interface. Users will interact with someone who can guide them throughout the application and give a personalized user experience similar to the physical store.

  • Holistic eCommerce experience

A plethora of eCommerce platforms are available worldwide, and making a place for a new eCommerce platform in such a competitive world is a challenging task.

To remain in the competition and prove your eCommerce website as the best amongst all, you need to stay ahead in trends and updates. You need to develop an appealing, unique application that provides a good user experience.

Top eCommerce trends in 2022
Top eCommerce trends
  • eCommerce personalization

An eCommerce personalization aims to provide a personalized experience for the user while shopping from their application. Shopping online from an eCommerce platform means observing the behavior of the user’s purchase history and providing them with appropriate options.

It has become essential to provide a personalized user experience to increase business and attract more customers to your website. AI helps users to get a customized experience like an offline store.

  • Payment gateways

Due to the pandemic, it was beneficial for us to come in minimal contact to get less infected. As a result, the eCommerce application has added payment gateways to its web apps.

The eCommerce website has implemented a lot of multiple payment gateways through which users can easily shop online, and they can also pay digitally using the payment gateways.

The payment gateways are safe for transactions. They can also reduce users’ time by saving personal details and keeping them secure within the application, which can also improve shopping in the future.

  • Omnichannel retail
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It is common to sell on multiple channels simultaneously, but including both offline and online media is new in eCommerce web app development platforms.

The physical store owners can well understand the loss of customers as a result, and omnichannel is a new trend that offers customers multiple options for shopping and will also provide a smooth experience across the different channels for customers.

  • Video marketing

Video marketing is one of the best ways to get involved in Magento eCommerce development services to create awareness, engage customers, and boost sales.

The essential factor that has raised video marketing is the maximum time people spend surfing social media. Currently, on social media, the popular trend of short videos with content and information has satisfied customers’ needs.

  • Purchase now, pay later

The purchase now, pay later option enables the customers to buy now and pay the amount later with the help of interest-free installments. It will allow the customer to pay half the amount, and the remaining can be paid by following the installment schedule without any interest.

Such a method has been in the market for the past few years, but the pandemic and loss of people’s savings has given it hype. As a result, such a method has become popular nowadays.

  • Chatbots

Chatbots on the eCommerce platform allow users to interact with the application more deeply. With the help of chatbots, any user can ask questions and solve their doubts. Chatbots are available for 24 hours and can provide a seamless shopping experience for the user. Customers can quickly go through the application and solve their queries smoothly.

  • Voice assistant integration
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Top eCommerce trends

Using voice assistant integration, users will get rid of writing to search for anything within the eCommerce web application. Users can give voice commands through their phone or assistant to search for any product or something else.

Using voice assistants can improve the speed of search, and it can be beneficial for the users to search for the relevant products or information from the website.


The eCommerce web app development industry is one of the most popular and fastest-growing industries worldwide. Smartphones and eCommerce applications are widely used worldwide, especially after the pandemic.

Suppose you want to develop a unique eCommerce application for your business. In that case, you need to hire a Magento web app development company to help you get accurate costs of eCommerce website development.

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