20 Best Paying Jobs In Miscellaneous To Increase Your Income
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20 Best Paying Jobs In Miscellaneous To Increase Your Income

Perhaps you’re attempting to increase your savings, pay for college, pay all the bills at home, or have extra money in your pocket for vacations and other tourist-related expenses. An additional source of income from the best paying jobs in miscellaneous would be quite helpful given the global economic condition today.

Miscellaneous jobs come in many different forms. Today, we will examine some of the best paying miscellaneous jobs that you can do to make extra income.

What are Miscellaneous Jobs?

Miscellaneous jobs are also known as “odd jobs”. This is due to the fact that they are not the typical “go-to” jobs for most individuals. Usually, you will use these jobs to complement the “real” job that you are doing.

These jobs could make a lot of money for you even though they are often disregarded. They are simple things you can do in your free time to earn money.

What Should I Put On My Resume For Miscellaneous Jobs?

Include the following information categories on your CV while applying for the best paying jobs in miscellaneous:

  • Publications
  • Licenses and certifications
  • Testimonials from clients
  • Volunteer works
  • Special commendations
  • Job performance reviews
  • Hobbies
  • Training
  • Skills
  • Languages spoken
20 Best Paying Jobs In Miscellaneous To Increase Your Income

What Are The Skills You Need For The Best Paying Jobs In Miscellaneous?

These are some of the skills you’ll need on hand in order to get the best paid jobs in miscellaneous:

1. Statistics and data analysis

These analyses enable you to come to a logical conclusion and explain it to others. The skills will help you solve complex problems and establish you as a reliable authority in your industry if you possess them and use them.

2. knowledge of digital technologies

Cutting-edge technology is a key component of the highest-paying jobs in the miscellaneous sector, so keeping up with the most recent versions of the key business applications can help you remain employable. The value of your skills as an employee will grow if you earn certifications in cutting-edge technologies.

3. Public speaking

It takes great public speaking to effectively and persuasively present your ideas to an audience. Developing your public speaking skills is a good strategy to boost your performance in practically any career and raise your chances of landing the highest-paying positions.

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4. Fast reading

In contrast to going word-for-word and carefully parsing each sentence, fast readers are able to absorb lengthy paragraphs and pieces of information. This important skill enables you to read faster and with better retention. It also allows you manage your time and become more productive.

5. Creative thinking

Creativity is important in the modern global economy. Through creative thinking, your business can attract clients and stand out from competitors.

6. Innovation

Innovative thinking requires creativity and the zeal to accept the risk of using unorthodox methods in order to enhance current processes and develop new ones. Employers place a high emphasis on the ability to solve problems creatively, which is a trait of innovative thinkers.

20 Best Paying Jobs In Miscellaneous To Increase Your Income

20 Best Paying Jobs In Miscellaneous

What are the best paying miscellaneous jobs? Some of the highest-paying jobs in miscellaneous include:

1. Billboard Installer

Who doesn’t find it fascinating when traveling down the road to see those glowing billboards from a distance? Installers of billboards do not erect them by themselves over night.

They are responsible for tasks like preparing, setting up, and taking down a billboard sign or advertisement, along with repairs, maintenance, light electrical work, pruning tree branches, and fixing weather damage.

2. Algae Scientist

You can make money simply from green muck which often floats on top of water.

Algae is an essential part of animal habitats, and algae scientists (sometimes referred to as phycologists) research algae for a range of purposes, including the treatment of wastewater and the creation of biofuels.

3. Elevator Inspector

There are several occupations that you could have encountered but may not have given much thought to, an example of which is elevator inspector. A lot of people don’t give elevator inspectors much thought until they become stuck in one, at which point they start to worry.

Regardless of whether a building is a massive business skyscraper or a multi-story residential complex, elevator inspectors are always diligent enough to make sure that all elevators adhere to safety regulations and compliance rules for both passengers and freight.

4. Hot Dog Cart Vendor

You might be surprised to learn that a hot dog cart vendor in Chicago, Manhattan, or Minneapolis can make up to $1,250 in a single weekend and earns an average of $105,000 annually.

5. Content Creator

This is among the best paying jobs in miscellaneous. In addition to writing and editing editorial, conceptual copy, social and developing an executional calendar, they also create concepts for content strategy.

They also conduct extensive research to enhance both literary and strategic creativity, such as competitive analysis, market research, and other duties to inform books, movies, and other forms of creative expression.

6. Bingo Manager

Although it may sound fancy, bingo managers are what propel the bingo industry in casinos. They are in charge of budget management, employee supervision, as well as jackpot approval and payouts. Along with ensuring compliance with government gaming rules, they also handle escalated client problems.

7. Bereavement Coordinator

Nobody wants to break the heartbreaking news to their family that a loved one has passed away. Whatever the case, someone has to do it. Bereavement coordinators will oversee social workers as they break the heartbreaking news to the family.

They are a component of a socio-emotional system that works to minimize the suffering of this challenging situation.

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8. Flavor expert

A flavorist uses chemistry to produce both organic and synthetic flavors. The main goal of a flavorist is to create a selection of new delightfully wonderful flavors that will drive people crazy.

9. Embalmer

If you don’t mind employees that aren’t overly sociable, why not try embalming? Preparing people for prison is an important job, and you would earn roughly $9,000 more annually than the average salary.

9. Soap Boiler

People can become spotless by working as soap boilers. Small- to medium-sized soap producers employ soap boilers during a multi-step procedure to transform fats into “neat soap” for bars and powders. During the soap-making process, you’ll work with a “pasty boiling mass which is treated with brine” and a “grainy, curdy mass of soap.”

10. Marijuana Extractor

Would you like a job that pays really well? Due to the expanding marijuana industry in the US, there is a strong demand for experts who can appropriately process hemp and marijuana components into concentrated oils, and edibles. These experts are skilled marijuana extractors, and they can earn up to $250,000 a year.

11. Crystallographer

You might be drawn to crystals for their aesthetic appeal, because you’ve heard that they can bring you good luck and peace, or because you’re curious about crystallography, the branch of science that examines the structure and production of crystals. The study of crystal composition has advanced significantly thanks to crystallographers.

12. Costume Assistant Designer

Have you ever wondered how actors and musicians can change into different clothing so many times when performing live? Costume helpers are helpful in this situation. You would be in charge of helping the artists stay in shape between performances, as well as selecting and fitting their costumes.

13. Stenocaptioner

You have to wonder who takes all the notes when the prosecutor in the courtroom says, “Point to be noted, my lord.” As stenographers, steno captioners produce transcripts and captions through a stenotype machine and different shorthand methods.

14. Private Detective

As a private detective, you would gather, assess, compile, and report information about conceivably criminal people or groups for your customers. To work as a private investigator, all you need is a high school diploma and some on-the-job training.

15. Hearing Aid Specialist

It’s alarming that there will be an 11% increase in the need for hearing aid specialists between 2020 and 2030, but after giving it some thought, it seems like a great opportunity for workers.

In this job, you would fit clients with hearing aids they need and assess both the performance of the device and the client’s hearing. Furthermore, you would create and refine ear models and imprints.

16. Braille Proofreader

Proofreading doesn’t just apply to written words; it also applies to words that have been carved in dots. Braille proofreaders are experts at identifying errors and noting fixes before printing scripts, books, and other Braille materials. To become a braille proofreader, you are required to have a bachelor’s degree and must be able to read braille. They make more than $40,630 annually.

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17. Home Health Aide/Aides

They are professionals who work under the supervision of licensed nurses or physicians to provide personal care services to patients at home.

These include activities such as washing, dressing, feeding, grooming, toileting, bathing, transferring, continence care, wound care, medication management, physical therapy, mobility assistance, medical socialization, etc.

Home health aides usually work 40 hours per week. Most states require training and certificate.

18. A Construction Worker

20 Best Paying Jobs In Miscellaneous To Increase Your Income

Construction workers help build homes, offices, schools, bridges, roads, shopping complexes, hospitals, and many other public and private projects. Duties vary greatly depending on the type of construction worker employed.

General laborers often construct or repair buildings, including framing, installing drywall, painting, plastering, carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, landscaping, masonry, sheetrock installation, finish carpentry, etc.

Bricklayers lay brick, tiling install tiles, and similar tasks. Concrete workers mix and pour concrete foundations and structures, drive trucks and hoist materials, etc. Electricians wire power to homes, offices, factories, and schools, and install and repair electric fixtures.

19. Landscaper

Landscape gardeners prepare the ground before planting trees, shrubs, flowers, grasses, vines, ferns, wildflowers, etc. They dig trenches, remove rocks, boulders, stumps, sod, topsoil, mulch, seedbeds, fertilize soils, plant seeds, apply fertilizer, herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, and other substances, and install irrigation systems. Also, they cut back weeds and trim overgrown branches and other vegetation.

20. Cleaner

20 Best Paying Jobs In Miscellaneous To Increase Your Income

Cleaners clean houses, apartments, office buildings, stores, restaurants, hotels, stadiums, arenas, convention centers, malls, parking lots, etc. They scrub floors, change sheets and towels, vacuum carpets, empty trash cans, mop surfaces, wash windows, shine mirrors, polish chrome, buff leather, wax woodwork, wipe down sinks and counters.

Furthermore, they dust shelves and bookcases, clean toilets, wipe down bathrooms, wash dishes, sweep kitchens, organize closets, dust walls, ceilings and corners, and clean windows and mirrors. They may also take out garbage and dispose of trash.


Having more than one source of income is now a necessity and there is absolutely nothing wrong with switching careers or going in a whole other direction. It’s important that you can make money doing what you want. I sincerely hope that these 20 best paying miscellaneous jobs will enable you to supplement your income.

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