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Would you like to know what it takes to write for us? As a business blogger, is becoming a contributor to BusinessJotter Blog one of your heartfelt goals for the year?

If your answer is yes, now is the best time to reach a new audience, increase your portfolio value and grow your business by writing for us. We are on the list of blogs that accept guest posts.

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https://businessjotter.com is one of the best guest posting sites that gives opportunities to writers with in-depth knowledge on any of these areas such as insurance, e-commerce, marketing, sales, blogging, business ideas, product launches, business tips, technology, publishing, social media and personal finance to submit their article for review and publication.

However, there are terms and conditions to meet before you can submit your business guest post to us.

For any of the following reasons, we will disregard and delete an article sent by a guest blogger or freelance writer:

  • If you are not the original owner of the content you sent to us.
  • If you sent us an article that has been published elsewhere.
  • If your article has a harsh tone, depicts you are a racist and does not have anything to do with our area of specialization.
  • If it is less than 1,000 words.
  • If we discover that you duplicated a topic that has already been published on this platform or elsewhere. We like customized titles.
  • If it is full of grammatical errors (misspelling, misuse of tenses, incorrect use of verbs. etc).
  • We reserve the right to accept or reject any article that does not meet our standard.

Your guest article, sponsored post or whatever it is you are sending must teach our business-oriented audience new:

  • Stories
  • Strategies
  • Tips and tricks
  • Solutions
  • Press Release
  • Answers
  • Advice
  • Analysis & insights

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You can submit a guest post to businessjotter@gmail.com