25 Best Online Shopping Websites for Your Every Need in 2024

Did you know that in 2023, a huge 2.64 billion people shopped online? That’s more than one-third of the world’s population. This means that a lot of people will be actively looking for top online shopping websites worldwide.

People have been shopping online for a time. However, when the COVID-19 pandemic started in 2020, more people started shopping online due to the lockdown across the globe.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, about 36% of Americans liked to order groceries online instead of going to grocery stores. But when the pandemic happened, that number went up to 55% because more people started buying groceries online.

Did you also know that, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, 3% of people in the United States started shopping online for the first time?

If you’re eager to find the best online shopping sites where you can shop from the comfort of your own home without having to step an inch out of your house, I strongly recommend this article to you.

25 Best Online Shopping Websites to Buy Items

From groceries to shoes, clothes, and many more, these online shopping websites have everything you need.

1. Amazon

Did you know that Amazon is the most popular among all the online shopping websites worldwide? It is the most visited online shopping website in the world, with over 2.6 billion visitors visiting their main domain, Amazon.com, every month. Additionally, country-specific ones like amazon.co.uk or amazon.jp also receive over a billion monthly visitors.

Amazon’s eCommerce store boasts a vast range of products—almost anything you need to buy can be found there. An important advantage of shopping on the website is its user-friendliness; you can easily find their top-rated products without any hassle. Additionally, they offer fast delivery, with many items available for delivery on the same day.

Beyond buying products on Amazon, the online shopping giant has a highly popular affiliate program that many affiliate marketers around the world use to make extra cash. Therefore, if you’re interested in affiliate marketing, joining their program is definitely worth considering.

2. eBay

The eBay brand was established in 1995 and is headquartered in San Jose, California. It facilitates customer-to-customer and retail sales through its online website in 190 countries. Furthermore, it is one of the most popular online shopping websites in USA.

eBay is a major online auction and shopping website where individuals can purchase products online and have them delivered to their locations. As of the time of writing this blog post, they can deliver products in about 32 countries and have over 941 million monthly users across the globe. It’s really popular, and they make over $10 billion in revenue every year.

Selling items on eBay can indeed be a lucrative business idea to start. Many sellers, such as dropshippers, generate significant income without the need to stock the products themselves. The setup is relatively easy and can prove to be quite profitable.

3. Rakuten

If you’re a football enthusiast, you’ve likely noticed Rakuten on the football kits of FC Barcelona. If you’ve been wondering about their business, Rakuten is actually an online shopping website and the largest one in Japan.

The company was founded in 1999, and in 2023, nearly 650 million people visited Rakuten.co.jp. They sell several products on their website, like clothes, home appliances, cosmetics, mobile phones, etc.

Rakuten is on a quest to expand in Europe and the US, which is why they are offering enticing shopping deals to new, existing, and potential customers. These deals include cashback and discount coupons distributed through their Chrome extension. This strategy aims to attract more customers to shop with them.

4. Taobao

Chinese-speaking users predominantly use Taobao, which is essentially one of the best online shopping websites. Small businesses mostly use the e-commerce website, similar to eBay, to buy and sell within the Chinese-speaking community.

You know, eBay doesn’t even do business in China anymore. Taobao totally took over and pushed them out of the market.

The company’s website is available in Cantonese and Mandarin. They attract approximately 450 million visitors every month, with the majority hailing from mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

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Best Online Shopping Websites for Your Every Need
Best Online Shopping Websites Worldwide

5. Walmart

Walmart, as you know, is a massive retail powerhouse both in the US and globally. They launched their website, walmart.com, back in 2000, extending their “everyday low prices” to people who shop online. It’s like having Walmart at your fingertips whenever you need it.

Although it’s hard to believe, based on the data available, Walmart indeed attracts about 450 million visitors every single month. Do you see why they’re one of the best options for online shoppers?

6. AliExpress

AliExpress is indeed a big retail website, and interestingly, it’s actually part of the same group as Alibaba. They facilitate connections between Chinese retailers and online shoppers from all over the globe.

AliExpress pulls in over 440 million visitors to its website every month. That’s impressive. And get this: you can browse the website in German, English, French, and loads of other languages. They just want to make sure that you can shop with them, no matter the language you speak and understand.

Customers who are looking for cheap, made-in-China products should consider shopping on AliExpress. In addition, lots of dropshippers love using AliExpress to buy products they can then sell through other sales channels.

7. Craigslist

Craigslist is essentially a large community board where you can find all sorts of items, not just typical online shopping where people shop for goods. You’ll stumble upon tons of second-hand products there, ranging from used cars to art supplies and so much more.

Craigslist has pretty much kept its appearance the same since it first started. It’s not all shiny and polished like Amazon or other fancy sites, but hey, it gets the job done.

With its old website design, Craigslist remains very popular and receives an average of 420 million visitors per month. If you can’t afford new items, just visit Craigslist, and you will find affordable second-hand products to buy. And if you have any second-hand products to sell, the website has you covered.

8. Etsy

Etsy, Inc. is a U.S. company focused on online shopping, but with a unique twist: they specialize in handmade or vintage items and craft supplies such as jewelry, bags, clothing, furniture, art, office equipment, and crafting tools.

It is a platform where many small craft businesses, run by their owners, sell their goods. It’s a hub for buying handmade products, craft supplies, etc.

The products on Etsy are both social and traditional. Furthermore, the website is not only modern and accessible, but it is also easy to use and incorporates AI technology that serves as a support system in helping users find whatever they are looking for.

9. Avito

Are you just hearing about Avito for the first time? Well, if you are, Avito is basically Russia’s version of Craigslist. Every day, thousands of online sellers use it to post classified advertisements.

The Avito website, like Craigslist, has a simple interface. You can find various products on it, like used cars, second-hand clothes, and farm tools.

The eCommerce market in Europe wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Avito, which receives over 250 million online visitors throughout the continent. Avito is not available in English-speaking territories.

10. Flipkart

If you noticed, you would discover that we haven’t mentioned any Indian eCommerce websites, but they are not left out.

The competition for e-commerce in India is indeed fierce, and the country is the world’s second-biggest domestic market. I think this is attributed to their large population.

Flipkart Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian e-commerce company headquartered in Bangalore, and it is regarded as the biggest website for shopping online in the country, with more than 206 million monthly online visitors.

Initially, the company concentrated on selling books online before branching out into various other product categories, including consumer electronics, groceries, clothing, home appliances, and lifestyle products.

Due to Flipkart’s exclusive deals with Nokia and Nautica, the eCommerce company is also one of the largest mobile phone sellers in India.

Best Online Shopping Websites for Your Every Need
Best Online Shopping Websites for Your Every Need

11. Allegro

You can’t mention online shopping without Eastern Europe. In fact, the region is indeed one of the largest online shopping markets globally.

Poland is a significant market in Eastern Europe, with its eCommerce dominated by Allegro, a local online shop. QXL Ricardo plc acquired Allegro in March 2000, one year after its founding in 1999.

Allegro receives over 210 million online visitors every month. People visit the eCommerce website to buy electronics, groceries, household equipment, clothes, furnishings, and school supplies at affordable prices.

12. Target

Target is a US retail company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It runs a chain of discount department stores and hypermarkets. George Dayton started Target in 1902, and the company has grown over the years through expansion and the acquisition of other retail businesses.

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The company sells different types of consumer goods, including clothing, groceries, electronics, and garden furniture, among other items.

Target has their customers at heart, and their goal is to make upscale products affordable. For instance, under their fashion category, they partner with top fashion brands like Marimekko and Converse to sell their products at affordable prices.

Online shoppers across the world, especially in the United States, love buying products from Target because they have a culture of selling high-quality products at cheap prices. This same reason has made them receive more than 200 million monthly visitors on the website, although the majority of the visitors are from the USA.

13. Alibaba

Alibaba is the king of e-commerce in China and probably the world. Therefore, if your business wants to buy made-in-China products, I will advise that you use Alibaba since China is a global manufacturing factory.

To date, Alibaba is the easiest way to buy goods from manufacturers in China. The website even made everything easy for customers because you could search for the product, view ratings, and inquire about the product. However, their caveat is that you must buy in bulk.

While Alibaba gets a small number of visitors compared to online business-to-consumer sites, it still attracts a significant number of online visitors, around 180 million per month. It is one of the best international online shopping sites.

14. Wayfair

If you are looking for an online shop to buy decor, furniture, electronics, and other household products, then you should try Wayfair. The company was established in 2002, and only a few online shops can go head-to-head with them based on the types of products sold.

According to Wayfair, they have about 14 million products in their stores and stock products from more than 5,000 suppliers around the world.

Furthermore, the eCommerce website encourages visitors to “turn their dream homes into reality.” As a result, millions of Wayfair customers in the USA have used the platform to beautify their homes, and it receives over 100 million visitors monthly.

15. Lazada

Southeast Asia has some big countries and is home to some of the fastest-growing economies across the globe. The eCommerce business in Southeast Asia is on the rise as a result of advancements in technology and the large populations of countries in the region.

Lazada is one of the biggest eCommerce websites in Southeast Asia. And the cool part? You can open up your own store on the website and start selling your products to your customers.

Furthermore, over 130 million visitors each month visit their website. The Alibaba Group owns Lazada.

Top Online Shopping Platforms for Your Every Need
Best Online Shopping Websites for Your Every Need

16. Wish

We all have our individual shopping wishes, don’t we? Wish works like a visual search engine, similar to Pinterest. You visit the website and search for products using the search bar, then look through images to find what you want.

Wish has a unique way of doing eCommerce compared to other shopping websites that we listed in our blog post.

If you’ve ever visited the company’s website, you’ll discover that Wish makes shopping fun by using gamification to engage site visitors. Let me give you an example to illustrate my point. For instance, they have the Blitz Buy game. In this game, consumers can win cash discounts on the products they choose to buy.

Wish online store receives over 100 million visitors monthly, with just over a quarter of the total traffic coming from the United States.

17. Costco

People know Costco for its membership-based warehouse clubs. Costco is the second-biggest retailer worldwide. Originally, its website began as a B2B wholesale shopping service, where the company offered a massive inventory of products.

Lots of small businesses love using the site because they can buy supplies in large quantities at affordable prices.

Costco is popular due to its exclusive online sales, and surprisingly, its e-commerce website attracts over 80 million online visitors monthly.

Most of the visitors are from the US, but the company also has national websites in the United Kingdom, some countries in America, and Asia.

18. Kohl’s

Kohl’s is a large store in the USA owned by a company called Kohl’s Corporation. Right now, there are about 1,165 Kohl’s stores all over the U.S., except for Hawaii.

Kohl’s is well-known for its “racetrack” store layout, similar to discount stores. Furthermore, Kohl’s e-commerce store gets over 50 million visitors every month, and the company sells furniture products and clothing.

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19. ASOS

ASOS is your destination to buy fashion and makeup products online. They have an impressive selection of over 800 brands in stock, ranging from clothing to cosmetics. As if that’s not enough, they even have their own line of ASOS-branded clothing and accessories.

ASOS is truly leading the way in digital marketing, with 10% of its total sales attributed to email campaigns. They have fulfillment centers in the US and Europe. Do you know why their customers love them? Well, it’s because of their quick delivery and amazing discounts.

Would you believe that ASOS receives approximately 50 million online visitors every month? That’s incredibly impressive. In the UK, it’s ranked closely behind the likes of eBay and Amazon in terms of popularity.

20. Overstock

At Overstock, you’ll discover a blend of closeout items and brand new products. In case you’re not familiar, closeout products are essentially returned or surplus products.

Overstock doesn’t just sell random items; some of the products they offer are exclusively made for them. And you know what’s impressive? They are a global company, and they’ll ship goods directly to your door, no matter where you are.

Can you believe that, in the United States alone, the Overstock online store attracts around 50 million web visitors every month? It’s no wonder people love it—there’s such a wide range of goods, and the prices are unbeatable.

21. QVC

You’re familiar with QVC, right? They were pioneers in the TV shopping sector. Now, they have four channels: one featuring new products, a channel for classics, another airing recent ads, and, of course, one dedicated solely to beauty products.

Nowadays, QVC is everywhere, dominating both TV and online platforms. They’re particularly active on social media, constantly running promotions on Facebook, Twitter (X), and Instagram, and let me tell you, they’ve got a massive following on all three platforms.

Did you know that the QVC online store draws in about 30 million visitors every month? That’s quite impressive! And interestingly, their appeal extends to a wide audience, including a younger demographic.

Best Online Shopping Platforms for Your Every Need
Best Online Shopping Websites Worldwide

22. Newegg

Newegg might not ring a bell, but it’s an online store that’s been around since 2001 and sells computers and electronics.

It is true that Newegg is a major player in the online sale of electronics and computers. While they cater to customers worldwide, the majority of their clientele hails from the US.

Guess what? Newegg attracts about 30 million visitors every month. And let me tell you, their revenue numbers are absolutely impressive.

23. Instacart

If you are an online grocery shopper, you will definitely be in love with Instacart. To make it clearer, Instacart is essentially an online grocery store, and guess what? It’s the largest one in the world.

Instacart is a US-based company, and their website partners up with big names in the online shopping industry like Aldi, Target, Costco, and Walmart to deliver fresh groceries straight to their customers’ doors all across the country.

Fun fact: Over 25 million people visit Instacart’s website every month. It’s evident that the company has undergone rapid growth in just the past few years.

24. Zappos

Zappos started in 1999 as an online store just for shoes, called Shoesite.com. Then, in 2009, Amazon bought the company, and it became part of the Amazon family.

After Amazon bought the company, Zappos started selling more than just shoes. Now they sell clothes, sportswear, handbags, and other products, but shoes are still their main focus.

The most remarkable fact is that over 15 million people visit the Zappos website each month. That’s quite impressive, especially considering it’s primarily known for selling shoes and clothes online.

25. Sears

Do you know that Sears is a big retail store? Well, in case you don’t know, it used to be a major physical department store in the United States, but they are no longer as dominant as before due to some business reasons.

So, Sears had to shut down lots of its stores, but hey, it’s still a name everyone knows. And guess what? Their website is still super popular, too.

Sears’ e-commerce store sells items, like clothes, electronics, and home items. It’s very popular, with about 10 million people visiting it each month.

Conclusion: Best Online Shopping Websites

This blog post gives you a quick rundown of the top 25 most popular online shopping websites in the world. Our article contains e-commerce websites from America, Europe, and Asia.

From our list, you will notice that some websites have global reach, where you can buy almost anything, irrespective of the industry and your location. However, others are more focused and sell to only people from some territories.

Experience the convenience of shopping online today. Browse, click, and shop from the comfort of your home. Start exploring now.

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