Top 25 Services you can Provide as a Virtual Assistant in 2024

Virtual assistants are really popular right now. They’re like affordable helpers for people, and you can help multiple people at the same time, work from anywhere (work remotely), and choose tasks that are best for you and your business.

The great thing is that, as a virtual assistant, you can offer a wide range of services. Since there’s no limit, your income potential just keeps going up and up.

According to Best of Budgets, hiring virtual assistants can cut costs by 78%. When companies hire virtual assistants, they avoid many expenses associated with regular employees. They don’t need to provide benefits, paid training, office equipment or commit to long-term contracts.

Therefore, if you want to start a virtual assistant services business, and you are looking for a niche to focus on, this blog is specially for you.

Top 25 Virtual Assistant Services You Can Offer to Clients

There are several services you can offer as a virtual assistant. But the 25 on our list are the most in-demand virtual assistant services, and have the potential to help you make money in a short period. They include:

1. Bookkeeping

Lots of business owners dislike bookkeeping because it’s time-consuming. However, it’s super important to keep a business healthy. Most of them, especially small business owners, can’t afford to hire a full-time bookkeeper.

You can provide various services like sending invoices, paying bills, assisting with taxes, and handling employee payroll – all falling under the virtual bookkeeping services umbrella.

2. Graphic Design

Running a business means you’ll need more graphic design work than you realize. If you can design logos, sales sheets, or business cards for clients, you will be in demand.

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3. Online Marketing

No matter what type of business someone has, online marketing is a must. This includes making ads on Facebook, creating banners, and content. You can also offer yourself as an online marketing auditor. Your job as an online marketing auditor is to help your clients assess their online presence and suggest where they should improve.

4. PR

Public relations services are valuable for everyone, not just big business owners. You can help by connecting clients with news outlets, podcast hosts, and blogs. Additionally, offer crisis management, press release writing, and pitch writing (a shorter and less formal version of press releases) as part of your virtual assistant services.

5. Reputation Management

Reputation management, a part of PR, involves how customers discuss your client online. Informing your client about online conversations and engaging with unhappy customers can make their business run more smoothly.

6. Social Media Management

Most people understand the value of social media, but many business owners lack the time. You can help by designing content calendars for your clients, covering Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter (now known as X), and Pinterest, outlining what to post and when.

Furthermore, you can create engaging content for all these social media platforms. It will give your clients a strong presence across various channels. More social media presence means more potential clients.

7. Community Management

In addition to social media management, community management involves interacting with the communities, like potential or current customers who comment on posts, sending direct messages (DMs), or posting reviews across your clients’ social media platforms.

It often involves tasks like answering customer questions, addressing complaints, and generally engaging with people who interact with your content.

8. Social Media Ads

When you check your social media, you’ll probably come across many ads. These ads are an effective way to promote a business. You can include Instagram and Facebook ad content creation (both writing and design) as part of your virtual assistant services.

9. Ghost Writing

Ghostwriting means writing on behalf of the business owner without getting credit. It can involve tasks like assisting with a novel or writing articles for their website.

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10. Customer Service

Excellent businesses thrive because of top-notch customer service. Apart from social media, customers can interact with a business through email, their website’s “contact us” page, or by phone. If you enjoy working with clients, offering this service can be fulfilling and immensely beneficial to business owners.

11. Live Chat Customer Service

A lot of e-commerce websites have live chat options for customer questions. Providing real-time customer service through live chat allows you to attend to the needs of your clients’ customer base.

12. Administrative Work

Administrative work includes conducting business audits, assisting with product launches, and establishing systems. These are often the small but essential tasks that collectively make up a significant job function.

13. Recruiting

Assisting clients in hiring for open positions, whether full-time or contract, is a crucial service that can be done virtually. This involves posting job listings on local job sites and LinkedIn, as well as arranging interviews and pre-screening potential candidates.

14. Data Entry

This kind of work keeps virtual assistants quite busy, since it’s a part of almost every business. Besides inputting data into your client’s software systems, you may also provide data verification as part of your job duties.

15. Affiliate Management

An affiliate manager handles the websites that host affiliate links for your clients. When a customer clicks and makes a purchase through these links, the hosting website earns a small fee. Getting into affiliate marketing is highly profitable for your clients, which is why offering this service is a wise choice.

16. Influencer Campaign Management

Influencer programs are widespread nowadays, but your client might not know how to participate. You can assist by finding influencers, promoting your client to them, aiding in contract negotiations, and monitoring campaign outcomes.

17. Giveaway and contest Management

Contests and giveaways can help businesses to boost their online and offline engagement and reach new customers. In your field, you can suggest potential sponsors and partnerships, obtain prizes, establish rules, manage entries, select a winner, and finally, distribute the prize.

18. Research Assistant

Business owners will always require research for analyzing competitors’ markets and auditing potential customers. Your proficiency in completing various research projects makes you a marketable virtual assistant.

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19. SEO Services

Absolutely, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is crucial for increasing website traffic. Optimizing your client’s website for SEO ensures it’s seen by their target audience and qualified leads. It will eventually reduce the time that will be spent on creating, and finally establish their brand as a leader in their niche.

20. Travel Agent

Business owners often travel for business meetings within and outside the country. Therefore, travel agent services will always be in demand. These services include flight ticket bookings, accommodation reservations, and arranging for the meeting. Because business owners are busy, they might not have the time to do these things themselves.

21. Resume Writing

Resume design services are valuable, as many people struggle to transform their experiences into a compelling and easy-to-read format. Your own resume can serve as a perfect example of what you can create for others.

22. Email Management

Having too many emails in your inbox can make it hard to run your business smoothly. As a virtual assistant service provider, you can help by creating an organized system for managing and replying to emails as part of the services you offer. This can include forwarding messages to the right team members, crafting responses to common customer questions, and creating automatic filters.

23. Project Management

The project management team of a company monitors and executes projects for the company. This role is important that some firms hire in-house project managers. They are in charge of flagging off projects, ensuring that they are completed in the timeframe, scheduling meetings for team members and helping the business run smoothly. As a virtual assistant project manager, there are a lot of things you can contribute to your team.

24. Formatting eBooks and Courses

Lots of online business owners sell courses or eBooks for extra income. They might have the content, but they could use help with tasks like selecting a layout, choosing fonts, organizing footnotes and endnotes, etc.

25. Event Management

Businesses often need someone to manage and plan events. Whether it’s a conference, seminars, or team gathering for their employees. As a virtual assistant, you could be tasked with finding sponsors, booking a venue, handling guest accommodation, promoting the event, or arranging catering.

Conclusion: Top Virtual Assistant Services

These are some of the best virtual assistant services. You have a lot to offer as a virtual assistant. Start by building a great website that shows off your skills and services. Ready to get started? Visit virtual assistant jobs platforms and showcase your skills. You can also create your website today and let clients discover what you can do!

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