20 Best Small Business Ideas to Start in Delaware in 2024

Are you looking for the best small business ideas to start? Delaware is one of the best states in the US to run a small business. According to a report, there are over 95000 small businesses in Delaware. They make up to 98% of the total businesses, and hire 55% of the total workforce in the state.

There are several benefits of starting and running your business in Delaware. The most notable are tax benefits, protection for your assets, its inexpensive, and the laws are friendly to businesses.

Do you have some money to invest in the state but confused about business ideas to start with? Your worries are over because we have created a list of the best small business ideas in Delaware that you will start with low capital.

20 Best Small Business Ideas to Start in Delaware

If you are a resident of Delaware, or you are planning on moving to the state, and you are looking for the best small business ideas to start, here are some to consider:

1. Graphics design 

Businesses of all sizes need captivating promotional materials, but not everyone can create those attractive designs. If you’re artistically inclined and good at organizing content in a visually appealing way, consider starting a graphic design business.

Businesses in Delaware will hire you to help them create promotional flyers and posters, digital ads, and other attractive visual content. If you want to start a graphic design business, all you need is a good laptop for graphics and a workspace to get started in graphic design.

2. Craft Brewery

Good beer is always in business. If you are ready to invest some good money, a microbrewery could be a great option. The state is experiencing moderate growth in the brewed beer industry, so this is the perfect time to enter the market with your microbrewery business.

3. Professional Services

There are over 28,000 small businesses in Delaware. These businesses will need professional services, such as legal, financial and accounting. They will need accountants during tax filing, and attorneys to represent them in the event of business disputes.

4. E-commerce Store for Local Products

Create an online platform where you can sell goods that were produced in Delaware. It will not only support the growing business communities, but will increase economic growth in the state.

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If you are an entrepreneur looking for the best business ideas to start in Delaware, you can consider this option. Curate an online marketplace where people can buy and sell local products.

5. Event Planning for Corporate Retreats

Corporate organizations enjoy hosting corporate events in Delaware due to the scenic environment. Entrepreneurs with event planning skills can capitalize on this by offering top-notch services. They should ensure memorable corporate retreats for participants. A well-planned event will last for a long time in the memories of the participants.

6. Health and Wellness Coaching

Health is wealth. People are ready to pay thousands of dollars to be healthy and keep fit. The health and wellness industry is getting bigger, health entrepreneurs and fitness enthusiasts should take advantage of this growth. There are services that you can offer in this industry. They include fitness training, nutrition counseling, stress management and many more.

7. Digital Marketing Agency

Businesses are growing in Delaware. But there is still room for more growth. If business owners can market their products and services online, it will help them increase sales and revenue. 

This is where a digital marketing agency comes in. These business owners can’t handle digital marketing themselves, so they will outsource to a marketing agency. If you have digital marketing skills, you can establish an agency and make money. 

8. Pet Services

The love for pets is universal, and Delaware is no exception. About 70% of households in the United States have a pet, showing how common and popular pet ownership is among families. Pet owners are often away from home due to work, travel or whatever reason.

If you are someone who loves animals, especially pets and resides in Delaware, you can start a pet services business. Pet services include pet sitting, periodic home visits, grooming, mobile services, and many more.

9. Online teaching

Recent trends indicate a rising demand for online education. Entrepreneurs with teaching skills can start this business. Since it’s an online business, you can teach a course on a subject you’re knowledgeable about from anywhere. If you’re not an expert in a specific area, teaching English as a foreign language to students overseas is another option to consider.

10. Elderly Care Services

There are elderly people everywhere in the world, including Delaware. With Delaware’s aging population, the demand for elderly care services is on the increase. Before you start an elderly care services business, you must get a license from the government. This will be evidence that you are legit.

Some of the services to consider include home care, companionship, and other personalized services to meet the unique needs of seniors.

11. SEO Services 

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. Lots of companies hire SEO firms in Delaware to boost their website’s visibility on search engines such as Google and Bing. It’s mostly an online business, so having a website and expertise is key to begin. If you’ve got prior experience or contacts in this field, that’s a plus. If not, investing in online advertising might help you land your first clients.

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Best Small Business Ideas to Start in Delaware
Best Small Business Ideas to Start in Delaware

12. Food delivery services

Starting a food delivery business is quite simple – all you need is a good mode of transportation and an avenue for people to reach you, like a website, an app, or even just a phone number. Some delivery businesses focus on picking up food from restaurants, while others deliver groceries or run general errands. You can pick a specific focus within this field that suits your interests.

13. Virtual Assistance Services

The world is a global village. There are several things that people can do online. Virtual assistance services is one of them. To be honest, the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak has made remote jobs fashionable. People now work remotely from the comfort of their bedrooms. You can join the trend and order virtual assistant services for clients. Some of the assistance that you can offer virtually include bookkeeping, customer service and more.

14. Outdoor Adventure Tourism

Delaware is famous for tourism, and its natural beauty is a treasure for outdoor adventure seekers. If you’re wondering what you can do in outdoor adventure tourism, you can provide activities like hiking, kayaking, and eco-tours to both locals and tourists to make their adventures unforgettable.

15. Home Renovation Services

Delaware’s real estate market is doing really well right now. This is good news for people who want to start a home renovation business. People want to hire experts to make their homes look nicer. 

This could be fixing up kitchens, redoing bathrooms, or even completely changing the whole look of a house. If you’re good at this kind of work, there are a lot of people who want to hire you to make their homes worth more and look more beautiful.

16. Landscaping Business

Starting a landscaping service is a great choice if you enjoy being outdoors. You’ll need some basic lawn care tools and a way to get around (transportation). Many folks interested in this business already have a lawnmower and a truck. You can use the money you earn from your first jobs to buy more equipment if needed.

17. Language and Cultural Training

Delaware has a diverse population. The state has settlers from different parts of the world. There, you can find Africans, Chinese, Indians and many more people. Communication is key, especially during business transactions. You can start teaching English to immigrants from countries where English is not their official language. Language training is a lucrative business in Delaware.

18. Cleaning Business

Cleanliness is next to godliness. Rich people are looking for cleaners to help them clean their homes and properties for a fee. Cleaning business is in high demand in Delaware. The cleaning business is an old business model.

You can get steady income from this business if you have regular clients. Some specialized services to offer in this industry include carpet cleaning and professional disinfection services to offices or hospitals.

19. Dairy Farm

The dairy industry in Delaware is a huge one. If you have plans to start a farming business in Delaware, you can go ahead because the state has a thriving dairy market. It is cheaper to produce dairy products in Delaware, then you export them to other states in the US and make more profits.

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20. Wedding Videography Business

People get married almost every weekend. Therefore, the wedding videography business will never go out of fashion. As much as people love getting married, they also love taking photos of it for the future. If you’re skilled at shooting and have some video editing knowledge, you should consider starting a video production business.

Running a wedding videography business is among the most profitable in Delaware.

Best Cities in Delaware for Starting a Business

We have shown you the best small business ideas to start in Delaware. Have you picked a city yet? If you haven’t, here are the best cities to start a business in Delaware:

  • Wilmington
  • Newark
  • Dover
  • New Castle
  • Rehoboth Beach
  • Middletown
  • Smyrna
  • Milford
  • Georgetown
  • Lewes

How to Start a Small Business in Delaware

Here’s how to start a small business in Delaware 

  • Choose a Business Idea and Write a business Plan: First, identify your business idea and create a business plan. This plan should outline your business goals, target market, competition, financial projections, and more.
  • Choose a Business Structure: Decide on the legal structure for your business, such as a sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, or corporation. Each structure has its own benefits and requirements.
  • Register Your Business in Delaware: You’ll need to register your business with the Delaware Division of Corporations. If you choose a structure like an LLC or corporation, you’ll need to file the necessary formation documents, such as the Certificate of Formation.
  • Obtain an EIN: Most businesses need an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the IRS. This number is used for tax purposes and is necessary if you have employees or operate as a corporation or partnership.
  • Get Your Business Licenses and Permits: Check with your local and state authorities to determine if your business requires any licenses or permits to operate legally in Delaware. Requirements vary depending on your location and the type of business.
  • Plan for Taxes in Delaware: Understand the tax obligations for your business, including state and federal taxes. Delaware is known for its business-friendly tax structure, but it’s essential to comply with all tax regulations.
  • Bank Account and Financing: Open a separate business bank account to keep your personal and business finances separate. You may also need to secure financing for your business through loans, grants, or investors.
  • Buy Insurance for your Business: Consider the types of insurance your business may need, such as liability insurance or workers’ compensation, to protect your assets and employees.
  • Build a Team: If your business requires employees, start the hiring process and ensure you comply with employment laws in Delaware.
  • Market Your Business: Develop a marketing and advertising strategy to reach your target audience and attract customers.

Conclusion: Best Small Business Ideas to Start in Delaware

Here are the best small business ideas to start in Delaware and become financially comfortable. Absolutely, Delaware is indeed one of the best states for beginners to start and operate a new business.

There are big companies in Delaware. Despite the presence of these large corporations, the business environment is well-balanced, welcoming both big companies and small startups.

If you are thinking of relocating to the state, I believe you should. Pick one of the business ideas we listed above and work towards turning it into a big venture. There is nothing wrong with starting small. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. Get started today, and you will be happy that you did.

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