30 Best Small Business Ideas For Nurses In 2023

Nurses are important members of the society. They are the front-runner professionals in the healthcare industry. However, their expertise shouldn’t be limited to traditional clinical settings.

Therefore, this article is for you if you are a qualified nurse and wants to explore your entrepreneurial spirit. There is so much you can do outside the hospital to make money.

Research shows that Nursing ranks as the highest healthcare profession in the United States, with 4.2 million RNs. However, only 84.1% of the total nurses are employed in the health sector.

This article explains 30 small business ideas for nurses that are not interested in working in a traditional nursing role in clinics and hospitals.

30 Small Business Ideas For Nurses

Here are 30 small business ideas that nurses can consider:

1. Home Healthcare Services

Start a business providing in-home healthcare services. This include services like wound care, medication administration, and health monitoring. Offer assistance and other daily activities for patients who prefer to receive care in the comfort of their own homes.

Furthermore, you can offer personalized and compassionate care. It will help individuals maintain their independence and improve their quality of life.

2. Medical Transcription

Offer medical transcription services to healthcare providers. Medical transcription is not a popular business. Hence, the competition for clients will be low. A medical transcriptionist listens to recorded dictations from healthcare professionals and converts them into written documents.

Furthermore, these written documents include patient records and medical reports. Have accuracy and attention to detail to succeed in this field.

3. Medical Billing and Coding

You can make money with your billing and coding skills by providing medical billing and coding services to healthcare facilities. This involves assigning codes to medical procedures and diagnoses for insurance reimbursement purposes.

Furthermore, you would ensure that documentation complies with relevant coding guidelines and regulations. It will help healthcare providers receive proper payment for their services.

4. Health Coaching

Become a health coach. Offer personalized guidance to clients on improving their overall well-being. A health coach is responsible for helping individuals set and achieve health-related goals.

Furthermore, you will provide nutrition advice, develop exercise plans, and offer support in making positive lifestyle changes. You can work one-on-one with clients or conduct group coaching sessions.

5. Elderly Care Services

Start a business providing specialized care services for elderly people.
Research shows there are over 55.8 million adults ages 65 and above in the United States. This number accounts for about 16.8% of the nation’s population. With this number, you will have a large customer base.

You can offer services such as companionship and medication management. Furthermore, you can also assist with daily activities (such as bathing, dressing, and meal preparation), transportation to appointments, and emotional support. This business can help seniors maintain their independence and age in place.

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30 Best Small Business Ideas For Nurses
Best Small Business Ideas For Nurses

6. Health and Wellness Blogging

Knowledge is power. But do you know that you can make money from sharing your expertise? Yes, you can! Therefore, share your knowledge as a nurse through a health and wellness blog.

Starting a blog is simple. First, you will buy a domain name and hosting from a reputable seller like Namecheap and Godaddy before activating WordPress. Finally, you start publishing content for your potential readers.

You can create content on various health topics, provide practical tips, share personal stories, and promote evidence-based practices. Furthermore, monetize your blog through third-party advertisements, sponsored content, affiliate marketing, or selling online courses or e-books.

7. Medical Equipment Sales

Establish a business selling medical equipment and supplies to healthcare providers and individual customers. This include mobility aids, diagnostic equipment, medical furniture, and wound care supplies. Furthermore, you should establish relationships with medical equipment manufacturers and distributors, manage inventory, and provide excellent customer service.

8. Mobile Vaccination Services

Offer mobile vaccination services to individuals with difficulty accessing vaccination centers in the United States. These individuals include the elderly or homebound. You can partner with local healthcare organizations or community groups to provide on-site vaccinations at homes, workplaces, or community events. This service can be valuable during public health campaigns or flu seasons.

9. Health Education Classes

Conduct health education classes on various topics. This can include CPR and first aid training, childbirth preparation, chronic disease management, healthy aging, or nutrition education. You can offer these classes offline or online.

Furthermore, collaborate with community centers, schools, or healthcare facilities to reach a wider audience.

10. Holistic Health Services

Provide holistic health services to promote overall wellness. This can include acupuncture, massage therapy, herbal consultations, aromatherapy, or meditation instruction. You can create a calming and healing environment for clients seeking natural and alternative approaches to healthcare.

11. Medical Tourism Facilitation

Assist patients in arranging medical tourism trips. You would help them find suitable international healthcare options for specific treatments or surgeries within and outside your country.

Furthermore, you can coordinate their travel logistics, arrange appointments with healthcare providers, and provide support throughout their medical journey. Building relationships with trusted healthcare facilities abroad is crucial in this business.

12. Wellness Retreats

Organize wellness retreats where individuals can focus on their physical and mental health in a relaxing environment. You can offer yoga, meditation, fitness classes, nature hikes, nutrition workshops, and spa treatments.

Furthermore, these retreats can be designed for specific populations or interests, such as women’s wellness, stress management, or corporate wellness.

13. Medical Writing

Utilize your medical expertise to offer medical writing services. This can include creating content for healthcare organizations, medical journals, pharmaceutical companies, or patient education materials. You may write research articles, blog posts, white papers, marketing materials, or regulatory documents, depending on your area of expertise.

14. Health App Development

If you are a nurse with tech skills, then you are on your way to making thousands of dollars yearly. Develop mobile applications that cater to specific health needs.

This can include medication reminders, fitness tracking, symptom monitoring, mental health support, or virtual healthcare platforms.

However, if you can develop apps, you can collaborate with developers, designers, and healthcare professionals to create user-friendly applications.

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15. Medical Consulting

Provide consulting services to healthcare organizations. A medical consultant can offer advice on improving patient care, operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, or implementing new technologies. You can conduct assessments, develop strategies, and provide continuous support to help healthcare facilities optimize operations and deliver high-quality care.

16. Medical Tourism Agency

Start a medical tourism agency. Your business can help patients find suitable international healthcare options for treatments or surgeries. You would collaborate with healthcare providers and travel agencies in the United States.

Furthermore, you will coordinate all aspects of the medical journey and handle logistics and travel arrangements. You will also support patients before, during, and after their treatment abroad.

17. Health Product Reviews

Create a platform or website where you review and recommend health products. This can include medical devices, supplements, fitness equipment, or wellness products. Providing honest and evidence-based reviews can help consumers make informed decisions about their health-related purchases.

Furthermore, you might wonder how to make money from health product reviews. Well, you can monetize through affiliate marketing or sponsored content. It is similar to running a health blog.

18. Telehealth Services

Offer telehealth consultations to clients who need your services. These services allow patients to receive medical advice and guidance remotely through video or phone calls.

You can provide assessments, answer questions, offer treatment recommendations, or monitor patients’ progress. Furthermore, telehealth services are valuable in areas with limited access to healthcare or when in-person visits may be challenging.

19. Maternity Concierge Services

Provide personalized support to expectant mothers. This can include birth plan assistance, helping with baby product selection, and offering postpartum care guidance.

Furthermore, it also involves providing emotional support or connecting them with relevant healthcare resources. Your services can help expecting parents navigate the complexities of pregnancy and early parenthood.

20. Fitness Instruction

Become a certified fitness instructor and offer classes to different age groups or specialized individuals. This can include prenatal fitness, postnatal fitness, senior fitness, or group exercise classes. You can work as an independent instructor, partner with fitness centers or community centers, or offer online classes.

21. Mobile Blood Collection Services

Start a business that offers mobile blood collection services. You would conduct blood tests, collect samples, and deliver the results to patients in their homes or workplaces. This service is for people with limited mobility, busy schedules, or those who prefer the convenience of at-home blood collection.

22. Medical Equipment Rental

Rent out medical equipment to individuals recovering from surgery or with chronic conditions. This can include mobility aids, hospital beds, oxygen concentrators, or home healthcare devices. You would handle equipment maintenance, delivery, and pickup. It will ensure that customers have the necessary tools for their healthcare needs.

23. Healthcare Recruitment Agency

Establish a healthcare recruitment agency and help healthcare facilities find qualified medical professionals. You would connect employers with job seekers, conduct interviews, verify credentials, and match candidates to appropriate positions. This business can address staffing shortages and ensure quality healthcare delivery.

24. Medical Spa Services

Open a medical spa that offers aesthetic treatments, wellness therapies, and medical-grade skincare services. Furthermore, you can provide facials, laser treatments, injectables, body contouring, and other non-surgical cosmetic procedures. A medical background can give your clients confidence in the safety and expertise of your services.

25. Health Podcasting

Start a health-related podcast where you discuss various medical topics, interview experts, and share valuable insights with your audience. You can cover several subjects, such as mental health, chronic disease management, nutrition, fitness, or women’s health.

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Monetization options for podcasts include sponsorships, advertisements, or offering premium content to subscribers. Premium content means your readers can only access your podcast if they pay for a subscription.

26. Nursing Continuing Education

Develop and provide continuing education courses for nurses. As a nurse, you can create educational materials, conduct webinars or workshops, or offer online courses that help nurses stay updated with the latest medical advancements. These courses can provide continuing education credits necessary for maintaining nursing licenses.

27. Health Coaching Certification Program

Create an offline or online certification program for aspiring health coaches. Use your nursing expertise to develop a standard comprehensive curriculum that trains individuals in health coaching principles, communication skills, behavior change strategies, and business development.

Moreover, certifying new health coaches will contribute massively to the growth of this field. It will also help individuals launch their coaching businesses.

28. Medical Photography

Imagine that you are a nurse who is also skilled at taking photos. It means more money for you. Therefore, combine your nursing knowledge and photography skills to offer medical photography services.

It involves capturing images for educational materials, research projects, patient records, or marketing purposes. You would need to have a good understanding of medical procedures and equipment.

Furthermore, you need photographic skills to capture high-quality images that meet the healthcare industry standard.

29. Medical Staffing Agency

Since there are about 4.2 million registered nurses in the US, you can make money with this number. Establish a staffing agency that connects healthcare facilities with qualified temporary or permanent medical staff.

As a nurse, you can leverage your network to identify skilled healthcare professionals in the United States, such as nurses, therapists, technicians, or administrative staff, and match them with job opportunities. Your agency can help address staffing gaps. This will ensure that healthcare facilities have competent and reliable staff members.

30. Postpartum Doula Services

Provide postpartum doula services to new parents. As a postpartum doula, you would offer physical, emotional, and informational support during the early weeks and months after childbirth. This can include assisting with newborn care, breastfeeding support, helping with household tasks.

Furthermore, you can also offer emotional guidance, and provide resources and education on postpartum recovery and infant care.

How To Choose The Right Small Business Ideas For Nurses

Choosing the best small business ideas for nurses might not be as easy as it seems. However, we made it easier for you to navigate through. Here are some steps to help you choose the best nurse business idea:

  • Identify your interests within the nursing field.
  • Research the market demand for different nursing services or products.
  • Consider your target audience and what they need.
  • Evaluate your skills to know which nurse business ideas align with your expertise.
  • Assess the competition and potential barriers to entry in each business idea.
  • Consider the scalability and growth potential of each business idea.
  • Assess the idea’s financial viability profitability, and return on investment.
  • Seek feedback from industry professionals.
  • Consider the legal and regulatory requirements for each business idea.
  • Determine the resources to start each business idea.
  • Evaluate personal goals and values to ensure business alignment.
  • Create a business plan
  • Conduct a SWOT analysis for each business idea.
  • Prioritize the business ideas based on your goals, market demand, and success rate.
  • Do market research to test the feasibility of the top business ideas.
  • Finally, choose the nurse business idea that best fits your personal goals.

Conclusion: Small Business Ideas For Nurses

There are several small business opportunities for nurses. All you need is to acquire the right skills, passion, and dedication to solve people’s problems.

Moreover, owning your business gives you flexibility and the chance to shape your professional life according to your vision and values.

Entrepreneurship comes with careful planning, research, and taking risks. However, the rewards can be significant – both personally and financially. Please, buy NSO malpractice insurance for nurses in order to protect your against the risks that are associated with the profession.

Therefore, carefully read this list of small business ideas for nurses and choose the one that matches your skills and expertise. You will also get the opportunity to contribute massively to your community.

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